Outback Steakhouse

2402 N Prospect Ave, Champaign
(217) 398-3322

Recent Reviews

Julie W

Food was great. French onion soup is recommended. Service was top notch.

Jordan Arford

Attempted to eat at this location today. But apparently the hostess had other plans. Upon walking in the hostess was on the phone. Once she got off the phone, she did not look at us or say a word. Continued to look down at the screen in front of her, still not acknowledging the 3 people in front of her. Finally after about 5 mins of standing there she looks up and says “how many?”. We tell her 3, she says nothing. Finally starts to slowly grab menus but at this point it was apparent we were not welcome.

Tonya Jones

My server was very good. I ordered the Victoria filet medium well very little tiny pink. But it came out medium rare. Had to get another steak end up taking it home took too long. Wanted broccoli got it but it was the last one my friend wasn't able to get broccoli they were out. Friend ordered baked potato they were out. Survey also told us earlier they ran out of some steaks. There was a styrofoam cup someone left on the ledge near us but no server ever removed. It seems that the GM slacked and didn't order all the things they needed for a restaurant that is a steak and potato restaurant. Really wasn't impressed by what had happened with our night out. Probably need to look into another GM or make sure he's trained properly.

Alice J.

We tried to go here to eat at 7:55pm. The hours say they close at 9pm. We walked in and the hostess said "We can't seat you, we are getting ready to close." with no explanation. She did not say hi or anything else. We tried to go there again tonight. The hostess speaking to my fiancé, said it would be an hour we are short on staff, unless you want a job. Outback needs to handle their business properly and start paying (and training) their workers.

Hala Peee

Great food great service for a change in this town.

Nichole Hardy

Our first time ever at Outback and it was delicious and seemed cheaper than other places like it. Family friendly and casual. Good food,service was good and didn't have to wait forever to get our food.

Philip Ceci

Was the worst experience of my life the steak was hard and chewy and it was a rib eye and was done medium rare my shrimp was over cooked just the bad time over all. Probly never going there again

Ron Hance

Very good food very good service

Mitch Fartin

Beyond satisfied, excellent bartenders and food! Very impressed and I don't say that often! 10/10

Samantha L.

I'd love to tell you how their food was but we were never seated. I called to be put on the waiting list, and they never texted me back. Called again (same number) and they told me they never had me on the list. They told me I called the wrong number, even after I called them from the foyer and watched them pick up the phone to answer. Went across the street to Longhorn instead.

Jancola Marty

The bread, the steak, the tangy tomato dressing. Don't forget about the bloomin onion. This place is affordable and a great meal. Don't expect to be blown out of your socks but it will be a great meal for the price. If you get there early enough I recommend the prime rib. The new ribs they came out with are not good in my opinion but hey you might enjoy them. Service is typically friendly and fast.

Thunder Sky

Great food and service but some food came out warmish

Dewayne Denning

The food was awesome and the service was even better! Our waiter was straight up on point! We are definitely going to back. The best meal I have had in a long time!

Carolyn Jo R.

The food overall was good but the service was horrible, waitress rarely came by, left us hanging with empty glasses, and our gift card's balance magically disappeared once our waitress entered it in and it took off nothing. In order for us to get out we had to ask for the waitress multiple times. She was checking her tip and cleaning off the table blocking us from getting out. It was clean and the steak was delicious. The blooming onion was bland at best, teenage boy ordered and didn't eat but a few bites.

Doug Fleming

Ordered to go, from bar... Gosha, was the bartender... he was on point with the order, the food and the check!! Great representative!! Also, the 4 crew wait staff, was polite, freindly, and smiling when I walked in...I definitely appreciate the "little" acts of kindness from any food service employee!! The manager on duty was Blair... great managing Blair!! You got a great crew!

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