Five Guys

15837 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 403-2210

Recent Reviews

Michael S.

Guy was too busy to be bothered to take my order. Told me to do a web order, so we left.

Tonny B.

restaurant location august 1st all equipment removed. visit matteson, orland-lagrange rd, new lenox

Mike V.

They closed the location at 159th and Harlem so we had to check this one out. Ordered 2 burgers, a Cajun fry and 2 drinks. Both burgers were wrong and went right into the garbage. For $29 for 2 people the order should be correct. I can cross this off of places to eat.

Tamara Locke

I didn't know that when ordering the double cheeseburger, both pieces of cheese are stacked on top of 1 burger in middle. I cnt stand the taste of thick cheese & threw half my burger away. I was told that wasn't mistake, it's standard ??

Brad Washkowiak

Food was hot and fresh. Staff was not overly talkative, but they appeared at least one person short. Overall satisfied and would return.

Elevator, Alarm, Coaster and Arcade Productions Inc

This is the first Five Guys I went to!

Rick Buchta

Food in good but for 13 dollars a it didn't meet the requirements for being that price.

sara fiene

Great food. Messed up one burger, but amends were made. Woulf eat there again and again. Super friendly staff. Thank you.

Jackie BScarver

Today was ab off day for them... fries were not good... had to take them back.. they were to focused on getting off. My order was done but they called every one but me.? this trip they get a 3

Kathy Carter

The best burgers I ever had, great staff and clean bathrooms. Great place to eat.

Zaccai Cokerson

Waiters here are one of a kind. They welcome you with greeting and a smileGive you an update on your order.

Joe Campbell

If you want a classic meal of burgers, fries, and a shake for a reasonable price, this is not the place to go. I’ve heard that this is a great place with good quality food. But let me tell you, it didn’t live up to the hype. The fries were really good. The burger was nothing special for $9.25. The shake was honestly not too great either. It wasn’t worth $6. It just tasted bland. The chocolate shake tasted like vanilla with clumps of Hershey’s chocolate syrup in it. Overall, it’s not terrible. It’s just not worth it if you want your classic burger meal. Excuse me, I’ll go get this same meal at Culver’s with much more flavor at a reasonable price. Thank you everyone. I love you all!


If you have never tried this burger, do it. Now. It's absolutely incredible, even though it does cost a lot. The service stinks, but the food makes up for that.

Christianna Sauer

Asked for mayo and mushroom only on my burger. Got it and it was smothered in mustard and mayo... Threw it in the garbage ? Somehow the cashier repeated mushroom and mayo only but dedicated the receipt to say mustard and mayo. Normally my orders are fine and their food is great. Just one bad experience today

Francesca Lockhart

Great burgers always tasty and the milkshakes keep me coming back

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