Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

15503 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 873-9110

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There were only 2 waitress and I was worried about having to wait long for my food ( I was really hungry) but that was not the case. Everyone working stepped up to help the wait staff. Our waitress was super friendly and even though she was busy she never neglected our table. Thanks to everyone at Red Robin for showing up and rocking it. Oh and them fries!!!!


The Burgers are really good. But I won’t be returning because when I looked between the seats there was garbage. Old food cups silverware. Obviously they are not cleaning this place and also the seats are dirty and ripped

C Scott

Great food. Well trained hostess. Friendly servers. Clean restaurant.

Cae Arlo

When my family and I ordered takeout from this location we soon found out when we went to pick up our food, that this location was severely understaffed. I was not holding that against them as my family and I did place a larger order and we were waiting patiently when finding out that this location only had one cook at the time, one server, and two hosts I believe. When it was time to get our food, I always check my food before I leave a restaurant, especially if I am getting takeout, and I am happy that I did because they had a little bit of a screw-up with our order.I understand that accidents happen, but it was slightly frustrating because I placed the order myself over the phone (after trying to put the order in online and being denied multiple times for some reason) and before I got off of the phone with the host, I confirmed my order with her 3 times. She read it back to me 3 times and what she was saying to me was correct but when we got to Red Robin to pick up our food, we were charged for extra food that we did not order, there were things left off of our order, and they made some of the food incorrectly. We had to wait a little bit longer to have our order corrected, not the end of the world, but our food was cold, which was frustrating. When we got back home and actually ate the food, we found hair in one of the burgers. That was very disappointing. Thankfully they refunded us and remade the burger, but this whole process of placing the order, getting the food, and actually being able to eat the food took about 3-4 hours and I did not think it was worth the 3-4 hour wait.

Audrey Sneed-Morton

Waited about 15 minutes, but service was good!

Paris Palomado

Went here to celebrate my Son's graduation. We went there for his Kindergarten and Grammar school graduations. This time they did not have enough servers to seat us right away. Still enjoyed the bottomless fries and burgers.

Shaunta Rowe

Very long wait despite there being only a few tables. The wait staff was friendly, but it seemed as if there was MINIMAL wait staff. Food was mediocre even for Red Robin. Two stars because the staff was so friendly despite everything. They really tried

Victoria Louie Jackson

Although there was a 25 minute I was pleased with the service. There was a wait because they were short - staffed. I ordered the Impossible burger. I was hesitant but it was good!

Carole Ruddy

We arrived at about 5:15 and were told it would be a 15 minute wait because they were only seating one section due to a shortage of employees. I saw three employees hovering around the hostess stand and two waitresses waiting on the 5 tables that were seated. When we were seated, I asked for a booth. We were seated at a table with two chairs and a long bench on the other side that spanned the length of 4 tables. The purpose of requesting a booth was to contain our two children. After struggling to keep them seated, we asked our waitress if we could move to one of the 2 empty booths that were cleared (there were also 2 empty booths that had been sitting dirty). We also requested crayons to go with the kids menus. Our waitress took our drink orders and disappeared. After 10 minutes, my husband got up and grabbed crayons for the kids. About 20 minutes later the waitress returned with 2 drinks and took our food order. While waiting for our food, I brought one of our children to the filthy bathroom. The floor was dirty, garbage overflowing onto the floor, counter soaking wet and the mirror had water and soap streaks all over it. When our food arrived, we asked about our missing drinks. I had ordered the wedgie burger rare and it came out with no bacon, well done and a huge chunk of nasty brown lettuce. It was sent back and my husband requested to speak to a manager. A woman dressed in what looked like pajamas with her stomach hanging out brought my food and drink out and apologized and said it would be taken off the bill. When our waitress returned, she informed us that that woman was the manager. My husband requested to speak to her again. He explained that because she hadn't introduced herself, he had no idea she was the manager. He then went on to explain all the issues we had. She basically stood there blankly with nothing to offer, not even an apology or any sort of explanation so my husband told her we wouldn't be paying for our meal and we left. We will not be returning to this location.

Carlos Enciso

There wasnt many guests seated when we arrived. They informed of us of a short wait. Once we were finally seated the wait for someone to acknowledge a family of 5 was sitting there, was longer than the wait to be seated. We were ready to walk out and finally the waitress came. All of the guests around us were complaining about one thing or another and another family left. My wife ordered a drink that never came, the appetizers came with the drinks and we were never given any water. As guests left tables were not attended to and there was garbage all around. I understand places get busy and are short staffed etc but this was not the case here. The one phrase I heard the most from the hostess and staff was “I’m sorry” constantly apologizing to patrons for one thing or another. I’ve been to several Red Robin’s in different states but the quality of service was horrible here. The food was GREAT as always. 5 stars for that but everything else was unacceptable.

Joanne Cowell Rzeszutko

very understaffed, it takes way to long to get a table for a half empty place. maybe less hostesses and more servers would help. the kids loved it

John Blackmon

Normally my experience is a perfect 10. I haven't been here in about two years because of the pandemic. I walked in expecting the usual but my date and I were not able to sit in and enjoy the experience like usual. We had to take out our food which was good but I couldn't get my unlimited garlic fries which is something I look forward to. I drove from Chicago and was very disappointed.

Lisa Lopez

Service was a little slow but I could tell they were short staffed which is to be expected everywhere right now due to the pandemic. Overall great service and they made my son's 13th birthday special!

Claudia Torres

The Impossible Cheeseburger is to die for. Amazing sides and desserts, too. Great, friendly staff, too.

Crystal Hall

I love the Whiskey burger right now. I love the bottomless root beer shake and fries. I also love the alcoholic beverages.

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