15858 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 403-1461

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Robert Johnson

It is soooo unprofessional to close before the actual closing time and we are in desperate need of coffee,I was once told customer satisfaction is key but i guess not with star bucks at this location!

Dani G.

Five minutes waiting in the drive-through line and only one car moving up I decided that I didn't have time to wait 45 minutes to get a coffee so I left

Manar Daghash

Pretty good location, the line is always insanely long and wait times vary. Most of the time they get my drink perfect

Amanda A

Went today for a strawberry refresher. Gave me the wrong size and they literally filled the whole cup with ice! I didn't come here to pay almost $5 for ice!!!!

Anna C.

WORST SERVICE EVER NO RESPECT FOR COSTUMER MANAGER IS A JOKE IF YOU LOOKING TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY IT IS YOUR PLACE 40 Min FOR SOMETHING YOU NEVER KNEW YOU CAN GET . Let's begin if I go out for coffee and I have 15 min to get it I would assumed that's plenty for mobile order , when I placed the order it said ready in 7 min we get there nothing I mean nothing 20 min later I got something with my name but I have no clue what it is definitely not what I place order for any way I asked them to redo it she says we don't have it it's all you get omg what is this wouldn't you ask your costumer if it's ok before you do it LIKE EVERY ITHER LOCATION DOES SERIOUSLY!!!! It took 45 min to get something and if it's not enough I wasn't alone there was 4 other people asking to fix theirs drinks or coffee . If you like me and want to enjoy your treat or coffees avoid this place terrible service and big mouth manager should be fired !!!!! Talking about costumer while still inside waiting for order not very nice terrible terrible employees!!!!!

Veronica P.

Come here often. Really like the plaza it's in however they usually always have a line on drive thru so I recommend getting out because sometimes the line in shorted inside. :)

Nifouz Awad

This starbucks has so much potential, the drinks are great but the service is unfriendly and the store is dirty, trash all over the counter and flies everywhere !!


There is plenty of staff inside but the wait time is so long I stood inside for over 20 minutes waiting for drinks that took 5 minutes to make all together and they were more focussed on cleaning over an hour before closing time then our drink the staff was overall nice when greeting but when they got our drink wrong they sounded annoyed and almost made us pay again then proceeded to make the same thing but instead of blending it they just mixed it and said it was blended .

Tia DeVore

Every one here is so nice and helpful. Everything was made correctly and tasted great.

Jennifer Huggins

Giving it a four because the app said they were sold out of dragon fruit lemonade and would not allow me to make the mobile purchase. But when I order once I get there its available. This has been happening a lot lately. Anyway my Dragon fruit lemonade is awesome, can't get enough of it.

Nicole Stafford

Normally, this store provides great service. Waiting in line isn't too bad, but sometimes it gets packed during busy hours. The staff members have always been polite, and most of the drinks have been great except for the one I ordered today.I found coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup. I thought it was just from the outside of the cup, but after wiping it a few times, it became obvious most of the grounds were in the drink.It didn't change the flavor of my beverage, but it was annoying to have to strain the grounds out multiple times. What's worse is that I ordered an iced tea. It would make more sense if I ordered an iced coffee that wasn't strained properly, but that's not the case, which proves the employees (or a specific employee) has been careless.You can do better.


Very disappointed in this Starbucks. It’s my third day in a row coming as I usually do and they dont have oat milk, and they didn’t mention it until I got to the window where I had to quickly switch my order. Disappointed

Joohee Kim

I don't know what is going on with this place but wait time is getting longer and longer. It doesn't look like they are short on staff because I see plenty of people working.I've never seen Starbucks with such slow staff and the cashier was not friendly at all!Probably the last time I'm using this location.

Theresa Rompala

I waited in line in the drive-thru for 20 minutes. The only thing I ordered was two cake pops and a hot chocolate. Even after I ordered the pulled up to the window still wasn't ready. I don't know if the Starbucks is like this all the time but I will never wait in line like that ever again.

Jolanta Czerwonka

Very disappointed in this Starbucks. It’s my third day in a row coming as I usually do and they dont have oat milk, and they didn’t mention it until I got to the window where I had to quickly switch my order. Disappointed

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