Sushi Nova

16081 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 460-4778

Recent Reviews

David Dougherty

Great food, love how you can get reasonably priced rolls which are large and delicious or go for all you can eat unlimited sushi.

Emilija Piroski

Food super delicious. Kitchen looks nice.Restroom have bed smell.

Dana yasin

Waiter was rude and mean. Accused us of stealing a pen after we paid a $200+ bill. Worst experience in restaurant histories. A business should care what employees they hire. Food was fine but nothing crazy to make me forget about the waiter. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Derpy Bird

Service was not terrible, but the fish was not good. It did not taste fresh at all, and the rolls were not balanced well flavor wise or texturally. The water had a nasty tap water after taste and the pickled ginger was not rinsed before serving. Fortunately wasabi can make bad fish edible, since if you don't choke down the whole plate you are charged for what you leave. There are much better sushi places around. Will not be going back.

Melissa Cancio (Plane and Cheesy)

Quick service, great food. Did not disappoint!

Rugile L.

This place gave me food poisoning. I will never ever order from here again. I have been sick ever since I ordered it 3 days ago. Never again.

Heather P.

Sushi nova was delicious ! My only complaint was we did not get our 2 free appetizers after we spent $50. It was put in the notes section of our online order. We love this place, it has never happened before.


I ordered the Sushi Lunch Special ( Spider Roll & Shrimp Tempura /crunch) I didn't like it. It was also kind of soggy. I also had a smoothie. I thought it was strange they put whipped cream on top. Overall I didn't like this place at all.

Kaylee V.

Our 4th time coming here, the prior times have all been great! Food is great, service is great, drinks are so good! Clearly, since we keep coming back. However, felt the need to come and review this, we were sat in the back room with black curtains all around. Somewhat romantic, sat next to a big group, no big deal. There were, and I'm totally not exaggerating here, at least 10 fruit flies around us. Table felt sticky, and it smelled humid, and why was the floor super slippery? I most likely swallowed a fruit fly or 2. Ate everything we ordered, very good as usual and drank my 2 glasses of wine. Left with an annoying thought that there was a fruit fly in my mouth. Umm, maybe don't seat us back there next time? Or may I suggest getting rid of fruit flies in general?


This place is great. Service is very quick. Sushi is fresh. All you can eat for $27. Yes if you don’t finish your food you have to pay per piece. That’s insurance to make sure you aren’t a wasteful selfish slob ordering $150 in sushi and eating half and then leaving $75 in sushi to be thrown out. It’s hard work to make that food and sushi is not cheap. Shame on you for not eating what you order.

Jacob Golick

Food was pretty good. Service was okay. They do charge the 18% on 6 people. They have a nice selection in the all you can eat. Make sure and get there early to get your name and number on the list. It was about 45 minute wait for us. All staff was wearing masks for those that care about that.

Marissa M.

Amazing all you can eat deal, and everything tastes great! The rolls are a perfect size, and all the sides are great too. Will definitely be back!

LenLen R.

I love that it's ayce sushi and appetizers...some appetizers are just blah though...we ordered 5 different types of sushi and i like them all. Great service too.

Kevin K.

Great all you can eat and service. All rolls are delicious. Everyone wears a mask. Great atmosphere

Sarah L.

We got the Godzilla Roll, Sunny roll, and Volcano Roll. We also got Crab Rangoon for an appetizer. It was very good. There is a good selection and our total came out to $30. I also liked the atmosphere of the place.

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