Wu's House Orland Park

16310 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 737-7357

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Mrsfc Roland

Great food. Big portions, enough for 2 days! Cocktails are good also, not watered down at all. Great, we had a wonderful time!

Brian Milovac

We have been coming to wu’s twice a week for lunch and at least once a month for dinner. I was figuring out where to eat today and wanted to make sure they were open and had the lunch we get twice a week on Saturday’s. Went to the website and looked at menu pictures from Google and yes it showed up for lunch Monday-Saturday 11:30 - 2:30. So went in sat at bar as usual , said I’ll get my usually two spicy tuna no crunch and Alaskan roll, and I’ll take the salad. He took my order , I got sub par service the whole time but it was fine. Good food and price will tolerate lower service. Anyways I got my bill and it was double the usual price. It is usually 16.16 and they include tip , which I tip more always. This time the bill for the exact same thing was 34.00, more then double. I asked what happened , server said well we don't do that anymore on Saturdays so we break out price. They should have at least warned me of the increase since they see me there twice a week. Anyways I said well if they really need the money here now at Wu’s go ahead and charge me the double but I promise I won’t be back ever again. So I got the visa receipt , the managers choice was for double. So I will honor my commitment and we will never step foot in again. Good luck Wu your going downhill bud, maybe you should not have started to build that huge building down the street and pass the cost on to your loyal customers.

Chrissy Rush

Dinner for our group was good. Atmosphere is very choppy the way the building is divided. We have visited a different location and had a better experience based on that alone. The chef was entertaining and kept the tables attention. Service was good but overall this location shows its age.

opentable dinner

Rice was over cooked, veggies under cooked

Nader Tohamy

All I can say is WOW! We had an amazing experience here for dinner with our impromptu party of 7. Excellent service from our server Vincent who was always ontop of getting us what we wanted and refilling our drinks when they got empty despite how busy it was, and our cook Henry who made the dinner extremely enjoyable, O. M. G! Would definitely recommend and I'll be back! The fried rice is a must with any hibachi dinner!


I’m hoping it was just an off night but the experience was not good. Fruit flies all over our table and food (and the table next to us). Sushi was not as cold as it should have been, almost like the ingredients were sitting outside of a refrigerator. We didn’t even eat the sushi, just our apps.


The Chef was very entertaining and the food was tasty except the noodles and veggies. Had he not had left the noodles cooking so long waiting to prepare the other foods, they would not have been so gummy in texture. The veggies were cooked well, but had little to no seasoning. I will visit again and watch more closely to ensure the noodles aren’t overcooked.


Fun! Food was good! Service was great! Everybody enjoyed!


Celebrating with family for a birthday group of 8. We did the hibachi and the food was good the cook was funny and entertaining we all had a good time

Charlotte Romero

Very beautiful Japanese restaurant in Orland Park, Illinois. The food was delicious and the customer service was wonderful. They do add an 18% gratuity onto the bill, but they make it clear as soon as you walk in.

opentable dinner

This place is so run down. Dirty & the food wasn’t what it used to be.

Melissa Kivi

The sushi was ok, but the service was absolutely terrible. The server did not know the menu. The family at the tables on both the left and right of us had issues trying to get the server to understand what they wanted. Our order wasn't that complicated, but you could feel the frustration from the other tables. Our drinks were delivered, and a while later, our food. After that, the server did not come back to the table at all. I guess we really didn't want refills!We had to call the server loudly to ask for the check because she never looked at our table after she delivered our food, and was quickly walking walking away after checking in on that table next to us. It took 10 minutes to get our change, since we paid in cash, but the change wasn't even the correct amount. We waited another few minutes, but the server was no where to be seen. We had to go to the front to speak to the manager who happened to be at the host stand. The manager took our remaining change from the cash register. There was no apology, no response to our concerns at all.The washrooms were absolutely filthy.They are automatically adding 18% gratuity, which is fine, but we certainly didn't leave anything additional. They are apparently opening more locations, but I don't see them continuing to be successful if all of them are managed the same way as the Orland Park restaurant.

Andrea Diaz

Use to love this place but it's changed, service was super slow, sat for about 5 minutes with empty cups, had to ask for refills on soda then got a rude response of you have to pay for it, they messed up my husbands order and argued about taking the extra money off (we had no problem paying for what he got). Ordered a beer that is on the menu and was told they don't carry it any more (then why is it on the menu?) They also don't offer dessert anymore. The food was still good but service needs to go back to what it was.

opentable dinner

Great! People were friendly and the food was amazing


Always a fun experience ! And the food is so yummy

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