Charleys Cheesesteaks

7038 Walton St, Rockford
(815) 227-5679

Recent Reviews

Tish “Loving”

So good and I love the peach lemonaide

Juicebox The Toast

Super dry. Few veggies and less than a handful of fries. Wasn't even fully cut in half. If you need to go to one go to the one in the Cherryvale Mall. More fries and better prepared.

Tokyo Dreamer

Food was excellent, service too. Only downsides were Air Conditioning seemed to be broke or non-existent (was hot inside) and poor location (too far a drive for frequent stops). My suggestion to them is to open a location on other side of area (machesney park/roscoe area - perhaps they could take the spot where subway used to be in the roscoe ockton walmart).

Kaitlyn Halverson

has no ac, almost could t even stand to wait because it was so hot, i’m concerned for the employees working there, it is far too hot to not have any type of ac or air flow.

Danny Savageaf

It's so hot in there and the manager got me pregnant.

Shannon Kelley

Really good sandwiches. Haven't been here since the Pandemic started and found their food to be just as I remembered.

NeVon Reams

So I was not convinced that lettuce tomatoes and pickles comes on a cheesesteaks.. I thought they don't know how to make a cheesesteak.. I WAS WRONG It was soo good they put the topping on the side for me, I've been there twice now and both time's the cashier's was helpful and very nice

Kelsey Darai

The building has no air conditioning and as an ems provider my concern is the safety of your staff. With hot hot and humid it’s been it’s sad when outside is cooler than inside. Probably should get your ac fixed in the near future. Your employees and customers should not have to sweat. And frankly no one wants sweat to accidentally drip in someone’s food. Food is always great but working conditions are horrible for your staff.

Kristie Cochrane

I like the subs from here. They are well prepared and taste great! Plus the facility is clean and they are always polite.

Joshua Mayer

Ok meal. Wasn't the most flavorful. But good for the price

Sylvia Edwards

Charlie's is the place to go when you want a good hot sandwich and fries and a good drink and they also have gift cards buy some and give the gift of good food to someone else.

Donna El Asawi

Was a tad disorganized but the food was ok. Don't have inside or outside dining ...ate in our car. Didn't ask for condiments.?.our bad?


Love it you got to try it trust me you will not regret it

Ahmed k Helu

Lately its nasty n nit like before. Idek if things change with how they making things. But taste is completely off

Dylan Donohue

Amazing service, amazing food, will definitely will be back

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