Eggsclusive Cafe

7105 Cherryvale N Blvd, Rockford
(815) 332-3447

Recent Reviews

Raymond Thompson

5 star service and excellent breakfast food. We would eat here again for sure!

Tameka Couch

First time eating here as we’re traveling. Wanted a nice breakfast place and we chose right. Great food and got to us very quickly, good service, restaurant is very clean as well as bathrooms are nice.

Lori B

Breakfast sandwhich, fresh fruit and service were all great!


One of the best breakfast places around! Been here well over 10 times and have had great service and food each time. My favorite place to go!

Angela S.

We had an amazing breakfast there over the weekend. We ordered the lemon blueberry pancakes, hash Benedict, those two were my favorites. We also ordered a meat skillet, fresh squeezed oj, and coffee. We definitely reccomend this place and will be back.

Andrea M.

Good breakfast food. We wanted to sit outside but they don't let any minors sit on the patio, so we had to remain indoors with our kid. Standard brunch fare, though the menu is pretty expansive - huge omelettes, skillets, and Benedicts. Food is solid, though nothing wowed me. Side of pancakes were bigger than I expected - 2 big plain pancakes, but I was a bit disappointed there wasn't any option to add in anything like blueberries or chocolate chips. Service was friendly. Decent place for brunch if you're driving by.

Julie Sorrentino

I've heard a lot of complaints about this place, mainly with how they deal with customers but I ate here anyway. I ordered a regular coffee but I wasn't a fan of it and asked if I could switch to regular iced tea instead. I was charged $3 for each drink. The server said that's the rule, you get charged even if you don't like something. I understand that for food or specialty drinks but from coffee to tea that each have free refills? I'm like so if I switch from Coke to Sprite I get charged for 2 drinks even though there are free refills???? Anyway, I thought that was pretty shady. Food was okay, nothing special.

Kari Benning

This is usually one of our favorite restaurants in rockford, but after sitting in drive through for 18 minutes past our food pickup time with the only apology coming from the manager that they are busy on holidays and have little help is unacceptable. Our food was brought to the window and was sitting there while the car in front of us was not moving. Would have been nice to move car around drive through again so the people that had their food ready could get it while still hot and fresh. A lot of excuses were made and we watched our food sit on window sill the entire time. If this restaurant doesn't have the help they should provide accurate wait times or serve less. Very disappointed in their attitudes

seaver sisler

I’m not one to leave a bad review normally….but this was the 2nd time and now the last time management or owner was rude. This last time my wife, myself, our 11 yr old daughter, and our twin 2 yr olds came to eat a late breakfast. There were 5 or 6 oversized booths empty, which is what we’ve sat in the few times before….but this time we were told they won’t “cram” us 5 into a booth and we’d have to wait 45 minutes. My wife tried to explain we’ve been here several times before and ALWAYS have sat in the booths, not crammed. We actually prefer to sit in the booths as it helps keep our twins contained. The tone and way they talked to my wife was condescending and rude. As I said, this was the 2nd time….we decided to give them another try after the first as we realize sometimes people just have bad days, sometimes mistakes are made, ect. We always try to support and patronize locally owned businesses especially after the shutdowns from the “pand E miCk” but we won’t be returning to eggsclusive. There are plenty of other locally owned businesses to support that will treat customers like they’re appreciated.

philip williams

Called ahead to ask if there was outdoor seating. Was not told that they could neither accommodate parties larger than 4 or allowed children on the patio.

Amanda S.

Great breakfast spot with a wonderful selection of cocktails! The seasonal menu is fun with the addition of the Crab Cakes Benedict which were full of crab not filling. Anything I've ever gotten here has been MASSIVE portions. Most of which you could share easily. There is a $2 charge to share however. Our service was great and overall our experience was great. We look forward to coming back!

Christopher Ibarra Goytia

The service was nice and very helpful but out of all places to get breakfast in Rockford this is the most bland place to get food. I've tried this place twice and its just not it. I'm sure many people like it and good for them but to my most humble taste buds this place is not worth the money.

Katie Powers

Was discriminated against from the moment I walked in by hostesses as well as waitstaff...told they had 15 min wait while person behind me got seated right away and I had to approach them again to be seated..waitress didn't listen to us...Was made to feel completely uncomfortable homophobic views and behavior are not to be tolerated in 2021...Will definitely be informing others how you treat people who aren't the Karens that are your typical customer base

Linda E.

This place was great on both the food and the service. They only had one problem. They do not have enough beef breakfast products. Once they get more beef on their menu I will come back. Corned beef hash is really not one of my favorite and I would not buy in any store.

Diane B.

Great food! A little on the higher priced end. My son loves the eggs benedict. I would definitely go again.

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