Basil Thai At Urbana

701 S Gregory St # B, Urbana
(217) 344-8662

Recent Reviews

Micheal Riddles

Our server was friendly, attentive, and provided excellent service. The menu was well varied and gave many options for comfort food enjoyers.

Bobby Zhang

I think they changed the chef, back there in november the pad thai it's different from the recent one, when november i got there the pad thai is super delicious, yet few days ago i go back to order the pad thai yet the taste is bland and what kind of pad thai has cabbage and green onion

Pretty Penny

Not sure how this restaurant has 5-star rating on Facebook. Tom kha is a pretty standard soup. What I got, instead, when I ordered it tonight was glorified dishwater with tomato bits and tendinous, flavorless, scant pieces of chicken. Even the blandest version of this soup has coconut milk as a base. But not Basil Thai's version, apparently. Also, I don't feel so well after eating some of it. Too, it was served without rice? I'm kind of appalled, in total, and also confused.

Shean L

Got the chopped chicken over egg tofu and tea cake. Food was actually really spicy and good. Great bird photos. It slaps eat here

Hanna Fei

inhaled a chili pepper and almost died, but food slaps

Anastasia Majora

The noodles are v soggy and fall apart like mush and there’s a weird “tap water” flavor that’s more apparent than the tamarind flavor and it’s bland…they were so much better last year.

Tom McMahon

Ordered Pad Thai and Tom Yum SoupPad Thai was bland with no tamarind flavoring noodles were soggy, very disappointing. Tom Yum soup had no mushrooms and very little flavor. Very disappointed and they give you small portions for a lot of money. Not going back.

Piotr Kalinowski

A nice feeding place good for students.

Eli Carlson

Had very good ramen

Carolyn Korbel

We ordered the lime chicken, Tom kha soup, egg rolls and garlic chicken. Our food was very good but served in take-out containers, probably due to COVID restrictions. The Tom kha soup was especially good.

Bob H

A must try for authentic Thai food! I love their pad thai and green curry. One of the best out there!


This is really not great Thai food for the classics. The Pad Thai was wet in the box, there was liquid to spoon out in it. The fresh spring roll was soaked in plum sauce so much and so sweet it was unbearable! Pho was not bad! But equally that's Vietnamese not Thai. Tough to see us coming back for Thai food.

wc Lin

Life at Urbana without Basil Thai would be terrible!


really really good food. good portion sizes.

Baohe Zhang

best food in Champaign

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