El Bracero of Michigan City

4100 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 872-0760

Recent Reviews

Joseph Pyle

LaPorte has a better place then what this place was but they had great food. Wish they could bring out the ranch more quickly they took 15mins to bring out ranch and asked by 3 people

Margaret McCormick

Great staff. Excellent food and service.

Aimee Bravo

Loved the service! We originally had reservations at a restaurant across the street but we left because of the poor service. We walked into this place with a party of 15 people and they sat us within minutes with a giant smile on their face. We were trying to celebrate a bachelorette party. All the waiters were beyond nice! The food was delicious. They saved the night. Thank you so much

Jake Arthur

Walked in to use the restroom before eating here for the 1st and only time and OMG talk about disgusting. This place is nasty and the food was nothing to brag about!!!!!

Ron Seman

Very friendly staff delivering very good authentic Mexican food. This is NOT your fast food from Mexican wanna be restaurants. Nice clean decor too.

Kimberly Hale

We arrived and were seated, and we watched as another table who was seated several minutes after us place their drink orders AND get those drinks while we still didn't even know who our sever was. We got up and left, and spent our money at El Cantarito. If you want to actually be served, go there.

Andrew Charnetzky

Avoid this so called good restaurant. The waiter could not understand English enough to bring me a Lime Soda and glass of water. The guacamole was not fresh and the food had no seasoning. I finally left money on the table and walked out. I would give no starts, but google doesn’t allow that.

Bobby Paco Schnebel

the best service in Michigan City, consistently good food no bickering between employees all around best place to eat period.

Cesar Bucio

Real definition of authentic Mexican food, coming from a Mexican. If I was able to buy the speedway next door and live in it, I would just to be close to this place! Their cheese sauce was out of this world and their steak fries was out of this universeeeee, Illinois can never. Piña colada was approved by my high functioning alcoholic girlfriend, but bathrooms made me feel like I was back in Mexico D: I live in Illinois, but I'd be willing to drive the 2 hour commute just to eat here!!!!!!

Nancy Willey Courtney

The food was good! I think the servers were tired, over-worked. They weren't friendly at first, but once we showed that we were friendly, they loosened up. We'll go back!


I love there food here but there service sucks. I work long hours throughout the week and have a short window of time to eat. I try to call almost everyday during the week to place a To Go order but they never answer there phone. They offer take out but you must come in order it and wait. This is unacceptable because if you only have 30 minutes to eat its over before you get your food. I just feel if you offer take out you should have someone available to answer the phone to take orders. Love the food when I can get it but your Take out service and not answering the phone is discouraging.

Patty Keller

Delicious food and great service!


Delicious food and good portions. We ordered steak chimichanga, tacos de carnitas and carne asada. The actual place not too fancy but above average. Servers were ok. He came out frequently.

Moe Joe

Place was packed. But we got seated right away. Food came out fast and was Great. The waiter only came to the table one to drop off the food and then we didn't see him again.

Tamara Meyer

Always great food, no waiting, great service. Alot of food for a reasonable price. Holisco special is my favorite. I eat half and have the the rest for lunch the next day ?

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