Domo Japanese Restaurant of Muncie

3000 Wheeling Ave, Muncie
(765) 751-1111

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Maura Hoff

It's drive through sushi. Tasted fresh, decent proportions, very convenient and not too long of a wait.


Sushi tasted good but wasn't super cold which was kinda weird.

Andy Richardson

For inexpensive, drive through sushi, this was really good. It's not fancy, but tastly.

Cynthia Darty

My first time going here and definitely my last the rice has no flavor the noodles no flavor the shrimps taste like it was dipped in syrup I paid $10.26 I’m disgusted I wonder if I can get a refund it was definitely not worth the money

Justin Brown

Poor/rude management and lack of fresh ingredients made this establishment one that we will not come back to again. After having a rotten ingredient in a sushi roll, my fiancée called to express the foul ingredient to the manager and he stated, “Not possible we use fresh ingredients everyday...” and HUNG UP on my fiancée. Had to call him back and line him out. We had liked Domo in the past, but will not be returning.

Justin Brown

Very poor and rude management and lack of fresh ingredients. Will not be coming back to this establishment

Shane H.

Nothing is good here. They don't include wasabi, gari or soy with your roll. If you don't ask specifically, you don't get it. Drive up menu has sauces listed without price as if to imply they're included but they charge .50 a piece for little 1 oz cups. Dumplings were overcooked and again, no sauce. Rice is overcooked. The people who run this place barely seem to care for the customers anymore. I will never return.


Have gone to this Japanese/Sushi kitchens several times in past due to quick sushi fix, but the latest time my fiancé and I went there was spoiled ingredients in the sushi making it taste foul. My fiancé called and asked to speak to the manager to express how several of the ingredients in the roll were foul and he told her, “Not possible we use fresh ingredients every day.” And HUNG UP on her. After hearing this of course, I had to Immediately call back and line him out. We WILL NOT be going back to this establishment.

Kimberly B.

I went to Domo regularly about a decade ago when I lived in Muncie, and every time I travel back to Indiana, I have driven the extra miles just to visit Domo. When I found out the format changed to be fast-served, drive-through style hibachi, I was skeptical... because I loved it SO much before. I've now been back twice, and love the new format. I love traditional hibachi, but this totally works and I'm enjoying the food just as much. Same tasty noodles (my favorite!), a good quantity of food, very fair pricing for the quality and amount you get, and a good amount of variety on the menu. Plus you can get sushi in a drive through!! Love it, and can't wait for my third visit to the new Domo!


This is great quality food. Well worth the $. Great service. Simple as that.

Kathy Petersen

The best miso soup ever!

Zero Playz

Don’t waste your money, it’s disgusting. Just go to Ninja if you want real to-go hibachi.


Had the Domo roll and green tea. Sushi was good. The tea was bottled genmaicha (that's green tea made with roasted rice, has a strong nutty flavor), which I'm not into. Would've preferred a regular green tea, but being bottled I assume that's all they've got.

Christina Hicks

I order teriyaki Chicken.. they gave me chicken that was plain... so I called and ask if they would give me some teriyaki sauce for my chicken., they wanted to tell me that’s how they cooked it.., or I could just bring it back for my money back... almost $13.. for chicken with no favors.. no teriyaki... waste of money

Dwayne Torres

Hannah B. Was absolutely phenomenal! It was my first time ordering here, and she was very patient with me. Great customer service! Will definitely come back!

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Domo Japanese Restaurant of Muncie

3000 Wheeling Ave, Muncie, IN 47303
(765) 751-1111