Dumpling House

2900 W White River Blvd, Muncie
(765) 287-8190

Recent Reviews

Grant Byman

Great food and awesome authentic taste. The prices are also very competitive

Jade Green

Dumpling House has a diverse selection of food. The vegetarian dishes are good, the dumplings are tasty, the soups are all a great choice, and they have hot pot. I do find that their food/service is better if you eat inside the restaurant rather than ordering takeout. Take out orders are always packaged nicely so things don’t spill. They also tend to sell out of menu items. Some of my favorite dishes are eggplant potato pepper as well as beef noodle soup.

Maria Brown Antrim

The service was great and the food was amazing! Their egg rolls are amazing and the Rangoon was melt in your mouth good. Everything was fresh and hot. We will be going back. My husband is not a huge chicken fan but tried my Generals chicken and said it was really good.

Muncie Fine Portraits

Unbelievably delicious food. Staff was phenomenal. Clean and nice looking restaurant. Meal sizes are perfect. Wowowow. Totally one of our fave places to eat.We got the garlic brocolli, general tsos tofu and vegetable lomein. Sooooooo good.

Rick Garrett

Very good food, not your ordinary Chinese Restaurant. It is now my go to for Chinese cuisine. Great service and a very clean restaurant.

Bass_ King

Food was soooo good and came out fast waiters were super nice and place just had a chill vibe

Gregory Padgett

The waiters are very friendly and you get a lot of good food for a low price!

Amanda Huynh

Phenomenal food and service- my go-to Chinese food take out place in Muncie! You definitely get a bang for your buck.

Jessica (RinRoses)

This is one of the best Chinese places I've ever been to. They are extremely high quality and tasty and their menu is wide and extremely vegetarian friendly.The staff is very nice and attentive. They also have Japanese hot pots that look absolutely amazing. I know what dinner I'll want for my birthday!

Sam Bullen

Honestly, this is some of the best chinese food that i have eaten in the United States. Great quality and price

Jack Phan

Best place to go for authentic northern Chinese food! The staff was polite and I haven't had better Chinese food anywhere else within 50 miles! I love the Northeast Braised Pork and Diced Chicken with Cabbage!

Jess Caldwell

Finally a good Chinese restaurant in Muncie! Love Beel Lo Mein! Will definitely be back!

Margaret Stein

The best beef dumplings I’ve ever had! Excellent food at a great price.

Xinhui Shen

I definitely recommend hotpot! I came here to get hotpot almost every week

MulTEAtasking MOM

Vegetable low mein tasted like plastic. Boiled pork dumplings tasted like breakfast sausage and overcooked pasta. Will not return.

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