Dumpling House

2900 W White River Blvd, Muncie
(765) 287-8190

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Symbiotic cyborg

The place is clean the food was immaculate the waitress was kind and wanted to help the food portions are huge this place is a Dimond in the rough in muncie way better then any other Chinese or Japanese joint in muncie period. Was alittle pricy but with how much they give you it equals itself out

Brendan Poole

Best restaurant in town IMO. Service is perfect. Food is great. Uses a different broth in their egg drop soup than anyone else. First place I choose to eat whenever I’m stuck and can’t decide.

Deborah Retherford

First time going there. I git a shrimp dinner. Sweet n sour soup and pork and cabbage dumplings for take our. The dumplings are good, the soup is just ok , nothing great. Nit sure about shrimp dinner yet. Will try it again.I am changing my review to one star. The soup was not good. The dumplings were good. The shrimp dish was terrible. I picked this up for my husband, which he disliked very much. He told me to never go there again. It was very disappointing.

Colin Steitz

Absolutely delicious, portions are excellent. Great value, a small is more than enough for one, but the large is perfect for splitting.Food takes hardly 10-15 minutes from order to table.Excellent eatery, would return, and will when in Muncie.

Rachel Ogle

Generous portions. The absolute best lo mein I’ve ever had. Only reason I gave 4 stars is they do not have fountain pop and one of our entrees had way more onions than meat other than that it was very good. It’s our pick for Chinese food now.

Micah Carr

Well despite the nay sayers I had to try Dumpling House & I must say it was great!Having a asian restaurant that serves more than "Americanized Chinese food" was a pleasant surprise. The atmosphere is clean and contemporary. A small space but works great, even though it could use some modern Asian touches like wall art and lighting.Service was prompt and courteous, and if their not busy the food will arrive fast & hot. I will say the drink menu is limited unless you are ok with soda in a can or bottled water. But they do have 3 selection of hot tea which is nice and it's not Lipton's like most buffet Chinese restaurants.The majority of the food is served Asian family style so you get your main dishes and sides on large plates and a bowl of rice for each person ( no side plates ). Look up Vietnamese family dining etiquette. + They serve HOTPOT if your out with friends and want to try something that not many places offer. Just make sure you give them a day ahead warning that your coming for the all you can eat hotpot so they can have all the ingredients ready the next day for your groups arrival.Portions are great you will only get an individual meal if you order a combination meal. Otherwise all other food options are ala carte, a small portion is enough to serve 2 people and large will serve 4. Keep that in mind when ordering unless you want leftovers and a doggy bag.Everything I had was fresh and tasted great. Their refreshing cucumber salad was good enough that I wouldn't hesitate to order a large portion to take to a family dinner. And the fried tofu was a little over done for my personal preference but I like mine a little undercooked anyway so not really a complaint just personal preference. I judge most Chinese restaurants on their Hot & Sour soup. I will say theirs isn't as good as my homemade but it's really good you get the hot and the sour in the taste profile, unlike most that are bland.I with out a doubt will make Dumpling House one of my favorites restaurants in Muncie.

Adam B.

This is my favorite place in the country to get Chinese food. Get the regular American Chinese if you want or if your want a real treat get something more authentic.

Michael Wilson

Try the combo meals, you can’t find a better deal around town! They also offer an affordably-priced hot pot meal. The dumplings are awesome!

Chuck Bowden

Great and friendly staff. Food came out as it was finished cooking, so it was all hot and tasty. The only 2 negative things I have to say about this place is... The fried rice is just plain rice turned orange. Nothing else! And the Crab Rangoon has no crab in it. Just cream cheese. It was still ok though.

Gavin N.

Kind service, good food; we had leftovers and I was excited about it! (I still haven't mastered chopsticks though)

Krazy chicken

Serious krazy chick review here. This place is the nasty of the nastiest. If you want little weird shaped fried dough balls rolled in the same sauce with absolutely no traces of meat, orange chicken, Gen Cho's chicken, pineapple chicken, Sesame seed chicken. All without meat inside. Over cooked mushy all the same sauce no difference in any of it this is the place for you. The super yellow fried rice was undercooked. The egg rolls were store bought pretty obvious. Items paid for that we did not get just as well because they probably would have been nasty too. They're just really isn't any real good Chinese restaurants in Muncie anymore. However this is really the worst.

Amber Dale

My friend started bringing me dumplings from here and they were delicious. So my family decided to join her family for lunch at the restaurant. It was delicious! We had dumplings and several dishes. The portion sizes were amazing. I will definitely be goin back. We live in Anderson and it was worth the drive. If you are in Muncie definitely try the pork dumplings! I had the Szechuan chicken and it was delicious. Very spicy so be warned ?

B Joseph

We just got home to see that the lo mein has a long black hair in it. ? I called to let them know I wanted a refund and no one is answering. The egg rolls are barely ever sealed up properly, which allows for excess oil to soak the filling. I will try to call again in the morning.

JD Anderson

Had the pork and fermented cabbage fried dumplings. Had to say they are my favorite I've tried anywhere in town to date. I also had a small shrimp and broccoli which was also yummy. Definitely my go to for Chinese right now. Oh and counter person was cheerful and polite overall very happy with my experience. Thanks to all.

Seraphim Luke

Really clean restaurant! Great food with reasonable price!

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