3300 N Chadam Ln, Muncie
(765) 254-4467

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Jane Smith

We had breakfast for dinner!Food quality was what was expected for IHOP.Had the pancake sampler with scrambled eggs and bacon. Requested crispy bacon and got it!Waitress was pleasant and left a hand written note on the receipt thanking us for coming in and to have a nice evening. Just a nice evening out for a quick Sunday night dinner for breakfast.


I’m giving three stars because twice in a row, I’ve asker for no tomato on my sandwiches, and they still put it on. I remove it each time, and finish my meal though. It’s still not bad food! Fine coffee. Pancakes are great. Burgers aren’t bad either for a dedicated breakfast place. Staff is kind, good atmosphere, waiting time is fairly slow though.

Jana Embree

Per restaurant manager it is the responsibility of the Doordash driver to make sure that all items are in the bag that goes out for delivery...REALLY? I find it hard to believe that a delivery person would open all containers and check every item against the receipt....There maybe 4 items on the receipt...side items not listed on receipt...driver counts 4 containers and you are trying to blame the driver for your staffs mistake? One of my 4 containers was toast...a side item to an omelet...Omelet was not packed. To all managers and staff...Please learn how to own your mistakes instead of pointing to someone else. Very poor customer service.

Jonathan Snyder

Service was pretty good. The food was not as good as it was a year or so ago. They were out of certain food items that were on their specials menu. Not bad but not great either.

Melinda Clevenger-Fenton

Took forever to get my food then when I did get my food I did not get everything I ordered. Waitress did even know until she brought the bill back for us to pay because she never came back to the table after we got the first part of our meal. My husband got a steak omelet with no stake only potatoes in side of his omelet. Sorry but I will not be returning to the Muncie Indiana IHop any time soon.

Terry Grayson

I don't go there too often, but when I do I get great service and great food!!! The atmosphere is pleasant and very clean. I will be going back for my favorite omelet.

Scott Benson

We had breakfast. Food was rather disappointing. No flavor, biscuts and gravy were blah. Bacon tasted like nothing. Eggs were ok. Coffee was good. Service was great. That's why I gave it 3 stars. Food gets 2 stars service gets 5. Place was nice and clean.

Linda K. Nicholson

food choices!! 24 hour service. coffee anything.

Mike Franks

good food good service kind people the waitress was hot I thought so also she got us what we needed the second we walked through the door

Kayla Nicholson

Good experiences every time I visit. Hot food and wonderful employees!

Murray Montague

The food was very good and the staff with whom I interacted was wonderful. The only reason I didn't give this place a 5 star rating was because I had to wait longer for a few things than I wanted to. But I thought our waitress was a wonderful, interesting person.

Melissa Brinduse

Good service and good food. We prefer this location over the one closest to home.

M Powell

Good food and decent service. Don't care for the disposable condiment and syrup containers instead of bottles though. Guess they feel it a Covid necessity though.

Marissa B.

Are you guys okay?? I mean genuinely. I went in tonight, understandably after midnight, but if you're going to be open in those hours either give service or just close down. I went in and literally didn't get greeted for 15 minutes. I'm a server myself so I understand to an extent but Jesus y'all. Once I I got out of that booth to leave I got asked if I had been helped and all I could say was I'm good! RIP to Muncie ihop

Homer Hammerstein

The restaurant was unbelievably dirty. We were seated at a window booth on the East side and immediately noticed the window shades had food splattered all over them. The window sills were very complimentary with food and filth down the length of every window. Nice! You would expect after the long pandemic that the place would be spic and span to welcome guests back... Well, on a positive note, the waitress did a great job and the food was good.

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