Jimmy John's

3804 W Bethel Ave, Muncie
(765) 288-5555

Recent Reviews

Jessica Schlaich

I got a pile of rusted old lettuce and had to pick out the brown before eating. I ordered a Pepe with extra lettuce and got 3 pieces of ham, 4 pickles and a ton brown lettuce. They forgot tomatoes, Mayo and everything else. I know things are rough right now but other people work service jobs to and don’t have time to cook so they order from other service jobs. I won’t call and yell at them because I hate when I’m overwhelmed and it happens to me. When working in food service the most important job is to try to make food correctly without old ingredients that could make someone sick.

Beverly Pierce

favorite take out

Bailie Goodrich

Super slow delivery and I live two blocks away. Takes an hour to get my food every time.

alexis adams

I ordered from the wrong store who closed at 10 instead of 1 am. Not only did they accommodate my order tonight and have it delivered freaky fresh, but the manager Stephanie and the driver Ryan showed their excellent customer service to a lady who has been moving all weekend. I ordered the new chicken caesar wrap. Please don't make this limited, it's delicious. Major applause to a job well done but your associates. I quit ordering from door dash and grub hub after several soggy deliveries. My husband and I will definitely order again! Thanks Stephanie and Ryan!!!

Bill Williams

Fresh meat. Fresher ingredients. Great service!!

Trav Matthew

Always a good experience here. Staff is usually friendly, they get my order right and it's super tasty. Ordering online is super easy and convenient and you can customize your sandwich just how you like it. Definitely take advantage of all the freebie toppings instead of just going for the standard sandwich.

Laura Walker Turvey

I have been extremely disappointed with the masking and glove wearing at this particular location and it's the only one close to me now since the other closed...


Went there with a friend who was transgender and the one of the workers was very rude and glared at us the entire time. We did nothing to offend her aside from existing in her general vicinity. Our bad I guess.

Roger Zimmerman

Best sub place on the planet.

Jack Ray

They weren't as fast as they used to be, which was fine but freaky wasn't what happened.


Great sandwiches as always. Super fast and friendly and the store takes COVID-19 seriously which is a huge benefit.

anthony fitzgerald

So I never have a problem using my app and them letting me know at any of the other 5 stores I go to regularly. But for some reason they can let me know at this store when they get my order but not when its ready. So half an hour later I go in and see whats taken so long and they sit there yell at me for asking why they can't let me know when its done. They said they don't use the app at this location and so here I sit eating my soggy sandwich thats been sitting around for half an hour because they can't just hit a button saying it's done like everywhere else. Was very rude. One in the collage area is so much more friendly and the app works with them ;)

Jason Maitlen

Staff was courteous and food served fairly quickly. Place was clean and all employees wearing masks

Ally Fleckenstein

Had a pleasant time at Jimmy Johns recently! I used my rewards and the drive thru employee was super kind! I think his name was spelled Camilan, but I wasn’t sure, but he rocks!!! He has a cool pumpkin tattoo from a horror movie so that’s cool. Thank you for the yummy food. I got delivery recently too and that’s always super quick.

Barry Savage

Yall don't have comdempts

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