Little Caesars Pizza

835 S Tillotson Ave, Muncie
(765) 282-2800

Recent Reviews

Chris Marshall

Pizza's fine, when they have it. There's just never any ready, no matter what time of day one goes. If I wanted to wait on the oven? I'd spend more and go elsewhere

Amandalynne gabbard

My pizza wasn't even cooked all the way it was still dough even though it was fresh it should of been cooked at less 5 mins more


Great food. Never have had any bad pizza or food from there. Great service. I love the crazy bread.

Star Star

I'm here almost every other day. The pizza is awesome, the employees excellent.

Tim Taylor

Always check out their specials. Currently their stixs and pizza combo. Very good!

Hoosier Veteran

What you would expect from Little Ceasars Average wait time, mediocre service, and subpar pizza

Blu Cypher

While there is most normally always room for improvement. The employees here are hard at work trying to do the best they can with what they have. Overall my personal favorite Cesars location in Muncie,IN.

Anthony J. Burns

Gotta love standing in the lobby for 45 minutes to get a $5 pizza.

Chris Welch

Good place to buy pizza and cheese and breadsticks

Aden M 0.o

Amazing pizza. Would recommend.

Mike Greeley

Ordered online and picked up from their pizza portal. Pretty flipping cool.

John Sterling

Service is great and you get alot for what little money that is spent.

Kahlyb Friend

They need more manpower or woman power whichever is more appropriate to say nowadays.

Travis Bartley

This location for some reason doesn't always get pizza cut all the way through sometimes the pizza taste fine other times it's not cooked all they way. Its however still better than pizza hut who seems to send out burnt pizza.

Jonathon Renae

I'll be honest, you may not have caught me on the best day to have to leave a review. Plain and simple though, drop your hot n ready marketing. Tillotson location NEVER has what I'm looking for in the timeframe I'm looking for it.Lunch today instead of pizza and a drink became breadsticks and a marinara filled 1/3rd of the way.You also caught me a day before payday. $15 or so left in my checking, so my lunch with a drink will actually be $4.53 for breadsticks and not enough sauce. Gonna make me waste more time to go buy a drink elsewhere. ANNOYED!

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