Restastaurante Acapulco

3201 W Bethel Ave, Muncie
(765) 216-6825

Recent Reviews

Mike Talhelm

Street tacos are a new revelation to me & they did not disappoint. The corn tortillas were moist making the juices of the pork & lime taste so scrumptious! Cilantro makes a nice touch. They remind me of tacos you get in Mexico! I thought it strange to not have cheese on them, but they were amazing without. I would not want them any other way.Their tamales are fire ? Flavor from the sauce, pork & cheese blows away your mouth.So good. Will definitely be back for more flavor town. This is a destination spot for an authentic taste & visit.I came away full but wanting so much more!

Joshua F

By far my favorite Mexican restaurant around. They have a lot of menu options, great appetizers, and I love their street tacos. Indoor and outdoor seating as well.Acapulco is a great place and I always enjoy it.


This was the second time I've been to Acapulco, and it was just as good as the first time. They have really good authentic Mexican fare.. salsa tastes really fresh, and their street tacos... yum, get those. They don't have a liquor license which sucks but overall, 4/5 stars, will go back.


Service was nice. The food tasted good. Portions where a bit small dor my liking. It did feel they wanted us to hurry. Other than that I would eat there again.

Alex The Siberian Husky

Great food. Love the arroz con polo.The dine in room is pretty clean

Tammy C.

Best Mexican restaurant I've went to in year's!

Candy Douthitt

Love their food. The people who run it are so awesome!

Madi M.

Great Mexican restaurant in Muncie!! Convenient location with a drive thru for pickups! I have always had great service and food here.

Shoba R.

As some previous people mentioned I was totally shocked to see such high quality, delicious, flavorful Mexican food in the Midwest. We came here for an early dinner. They gave some salsa and chips to start off the meal. We ordered the queso fundito which was made of cheese and chorizo---very flavorful. I ordered the los 4 amigos which was 4 tacos (steak, al pastor (pork), pollo con charizo and carnitas) on double wrapped corn tortillas. It was fantastic. It was nice being able to taste all the different flavors. My husband got the Quesadilla Acapulco which was amazing as well. Highly recommend everything we ordered and highly recommend coming here if you're in the mood for Authentic Mexican food. The service was also great and the food came our super fast!

Thomas Pattison

If you are looking for good Mexican food, this is the place in Muncie! I have been here several times and tried something different each time. Was never disappointed, the food is fresh and seasoned perfect. The price is very reasonable for the terrific quality of anything you order. Check them out!

Austin Shores

Family owned place with authentic and delicious food. Outdoor seating is a plus in good weather, but the booths inside are just as good. Busy times can leave the servers a bit thin so if they forget to bring something just flag them down again, they're happy to help.

Nash Pearson

My favorite mexican restaurant around. Best food, best service, best environment. The food is as authentic as you'll ever get. Delicious. Staff is excellent. 10/10 would recommend.

Spenser Smith

The food came out lighting fast! Honest to goodness I had barely tucked my seat in under myself when they had my food and beer in the hands at my table. The steak fajitas I had were delicious and exactly what you want from steak fajitas. Steak tasted more tender then other fajitas at other restaurants. I’ll be going back for sure!

Johnna Ries Anderson

This has been a family favorite restaurant since I was a small child. Everything is always delicious, and the family makes this a wonderful place to dine!!!

Bernard Black

Service was basically nonexistent. Messed up our order, then asked if we'd like it fixed, instead I'd just.. you know... fixing it, or striking it from our bill. The vegetables in the fajitas had like bits of stem or something in it. Never going back. Should have gone to Del Sol or something.

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