2225 State St, New Albany
(812) 542-6868

Recent Reviews

Chris Comer

Took way too long then I was asked to pull up to get my food but the food was good

Tiffany Allen

They always get my order right and there so friendly

Jon Chambers

Line was stupid long, but moved quickly. Went during breakfast for lunch food and was still served. I would 5 star this establishment but the lobby is still closed and their trees look dead out front. They also went with trees that naturally attract bugs around their drivethrough...

Stacey Mason

5 stars everything was perfect!!!! And i love that they take your order on a tabletas soon as you pull in the parking lot !!!!! Everything was GREAT!!! THANKS


I ordered a large fry, received two very large fries and some hard crumbs to fill less than half the amount of fry box available. Gave me a Dr. Pepper instead of sweet tea

Tiffany Haley

The State Street location is crazy! The drive thru line is so long the entire parking lot of this shopping area is taken over by it. I thought it would be easier to place an online order for curbside pick up, but that was incorrect. There was absolutely nowhere to park. Every numbered spot for curbside pickup was taken and every other spot in the lot was full. Eventually, as people received their orders, spots freed up so you could pull in, but the wait was exceptionally long. I spent over 30 minutes in total. This location definitely needs to be moved. When I was leaving, it actually appeared that the drive thru line was backing up onto State Street, which seems like it would be a real problem. It seems like other businesses would be adversely affected by the heavy traffic for the restaurant.

Catherine S.

I've never had much luck at this Chick Fil A. The past two times I've been, they have forgotten at least one item. I have never had this problem at any other CFA.

Steve Slotten

Placed an online order for drive-thru. However the order does not process until you arrive. Due to the elimination of a profitable curbside service, we could not get an order prior to them closing since the line was TOO long. We waited in line 10+ minutes to be told our order would not be taken. Unfornate service issue for a capable organization that is more than able to find a solution for all stakeholders. This store had previously been very well.

Tomyce Wickliffe

Line is long as usual but moves pretty fast. Food is always ready at window, hot and fresh. Nice attitudes majority of the time.

Kellen Robacki

Fast and efficient. They had all 4 of our orders well organized and ready together.

Still Waters

Very good as always. I'm addicted to their Mac and cheese. Real cheese that stretches, not American or Velveeta and I'm picky.

Mike Schaaf

Went on a day trip to Kentucky yesterday. Missed out on visiting the Food Truck in Jasper. My brother stopped at the restaurant in New Albany. Many thanks to him! Love Chick-fil-A!!

Krissy Ann Gibs

Spicy chicken sandwich, bun was cold, cheese was not melted. Fries were soggy andbarely warm. However they were very kind and the sweet tea was great.

J.c. Westenhofer

I only get the lemonade here! Love the drink don't like the food. The food has a institutional appearance to me. The crust of fried chicken should not be soggy like and not crispy. Theirs is not crispy! I know there's always a line a chic fil a, but it's just not my idea of a good chicken sandwich!


Terrible location for this restaurant. Drive through blocks parking and access for other retail business and patrons. A constant annoyance to everyone that happens or needs to do business in this area. Not a good neighbor to other businesses in the area. Food is good so I guess that makes it fine.

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