Kolache Factory

7112 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 851-2253

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Hemalatha Krishnamoorthy

Amazing place to quickly grab some soft stuffed rolls/buns. My friends loved the chicken enchiladas, I like egg and cheese, cream cheese, egg potato and cheese and spinach . We have space to eat here as well as a quick takeaway. Online ordering suck because it always says online ordering not available at this time in multiple apps . The fruit ones are average or may be I don’t have a sweet tooth.

Handy Escobar

Good staff!! Andie always on front to day hello!!! Im there everyday and i love this place!! Free mess breakfast on the go !! Ws to rock u guys,

austin gurba

Where do I start the gravy and sausage kolache is like walking into heaven for the first time. Drove by this place come in order them heat them up it's like sinking your teeth into a big sweet heavenly pillow. It's like an angel came down from heaven just to bake these things. You think your teeth into these heavenly pillows and it makes you forget all of your life problems. If you haven't tried these you're insane. Whoever makes these things thank you I might invite you to my first born's wedding. Where you'll have your own section with as many services you need. You are truly one of God's angels.

P M.

Good. Sausage eggs was the best. We got 1 of each type to try. 4 stars because it's so small for the price they charge.

Henna “MakeupLover”

Amazing for breakfast lunch or dinner! These stuffed rolls are amazing. Prepare for their website to not work for online orders consistently because they get busy and shut it down. If you haven’t been there it’s overwhelming with all the options but you have to try the Philly Steak, Italian Chicken and Texas Hot. It’s one of those places that never gets old because they have such a variety. Hopefully they will make the cream cheese and fruit with chocolate drizzle a main stay instead of a monthly special.

Nita H

I placed an order for six kolache‘s 20 minutes before my arrival upon arrival my order was not boxed up and then I was told four of the kolache‘s that I wanted they were either out of our they were not ready it is 6:34 AM they open at 6 AM

Sally Milligan

I called made a pick up for 9 am Father’s Day weekend . There was a line out the door and they made me wait 39 min to go through the line to just pick up my TIMED ORDER!!!! Very disappointed. For customer that want to plan ahead get a pick up line!

Andrea L.

Amazing kolaches, lots to choose from . I had a sausage and jalapeño that was wonderful.

Deric Armstrong

So good. I order from here from time to time to feed the office. Always a hit. If you have tried em do it!

Jim Holzmeyer

Enjoyed the Sausage egg and cheese Kolache, the price was good also.

John Rodriguez

Has great people again fast and friendly give them another try

Kathy S.

Found this near our hotel. Smelled so yummy before we even entered. We arrived around 9:30 and some varieties, however the sausage and cheese were scrumptious! Also had a egg and sausage that was delicious!!

Ryen P.

Love the food, but the customer service is absolutely terrible. My mom and I just came in this morning. April 16th 2021 around 8:30am. The gentleman serving us was ridiculous. We had about 10 kolaches. He started putting them in individual bags, and when I asked if he could put them in a box instead of 8 different bags he just stopped talking. Extremely rude. Then he started putting wrong kolaches in the box, and when my mom corrected him, just silence. I've never seen such a thing before. No customer service whatsoever. It was obvious he had an attitude, and the little girl working next to him wasn't any better. I've never had such an experience and it was just mind blowing how he just went silent. No thank you, please, basic manners. I couldn't believe it.

Rachel H.

I work in the same shopping center and I've been wanting to try this for a while. Both the kolache's I tried had great flavor, especially the chicken enchilada. I don't think they could've gotten the ratio of bread to filling any higher with filling, but it was definitely a bready experience. But, oh boy, that bread was amazing! Totally worth it! Kolache factory is a perfect example of a business who knows what they're about, and they do it well. I didn't catch the woman's name behind the counter, but she was absolutely wonderful! We chatted for a few minutes since I was the only one in the store late in the morning. Great service!

Anne M.

Loved these little snacks!!! Especially the Apple ones! I really appreciate that they reinforce the mask mandate. Better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for the yummy treats for my family!

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