Tortilla Ranch Mexican Grill

8617 College Blvd, Overland Park
(913) 451-5663

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joe fitts

Good food. Salsa is very good. Cheese dip is tasty. Staff were friendly.

Susan Oakson

I had a take out order. Quesadillas. There was no sour cream or pico. Just quesadillas in an aluminum pan.

Kay Clements

ABSOLUTELY delicious. Way better than Chipotle. They have gluten free options. 5 StarsUpdate: We have been here more times than I can count- and EVERY SINGLE TIME it's been so fresh and delicious. I wish they would open more locations! WE NEED MORE TORTILLA RANCH!

Kris Meyer

Better than Chipotle with fresh food and fast service! I wish there was a Tortilla Ranch on every corner!

Mark Wagoner

Good food with plenty of options.


I guess I’m going to be the one to say it, they don’t give you near enough chicken, you can barely even taste it in the food all you taste is beans and rice and never give enough of anything honestly, they are just as stingy with the toppings as Chipotle and have the nerve to cost more, they are way too expensive to do this and it really upset me because I be thinking it will be better this time every time and nope still the same, and everyone does not want hot Ranch we need regular, please do better, I love how they have more options than chipotle and let you get up to 10 though

Josh Pash

You must try this place to see where you rank it on the Mexican Food Scale but I think it is as convenient as Chipotle but wayyy more flavorful!

Josh Jolliff

This place is amazing! I wanted something healthy and fast, which is hard to find sometimes. So the nice people at Tortilla Ranch Mexican Grill hooked me up. Everything was fresh and authentic. Also, the ranchero cream sauce is delicious! Give them a try. You won't be sorry.

Aadam Keeley

Yo, Tortilla Ranch is the move. I'm not a local but if I was there isnt any reason I wouldn't be here a few times a month. Great specials, great food quality, great portions, comfortable spot, literally everything you could want in a fast casual environment.

Marie Zerbe

I'm at Tortilla Ranch at least 2-3 times a month and I don't know how I haven't left a review yet. ??‍♀️ I'm both dairy- and egg-free (not by choice) and I love how safe I feel coming to TR because it is SO easy for me to follow my restrictions--I just don't ask for cheese or sour cream on anything. I already haven't been to the chain-that-shall-not-be-named in at least 8 years, but for real, TR has more protein options than they do, more topping and salsa options than they do, CILANTRO IS A TOPPING HERE, they have this cabbage slaw that's super good (it's the one with radishes in it, it's awesome, get it in your bowl), and did I mention cilantro is a topping? You don't even need the other place, just come to Tortilla Ranch and you'll have a much better time. My food has always been very fresh and hot every time I've been and the staff are all super chill. There are few fast food places left where I can safely eat with my dietary restrictions, so I am very grateful for TR.

Hazel T.

A casual but nice restaurant in OP. I had the delicious shrimp tacos which came with rice and beans. The portions are generous and affordable!

Kianna Davis

I frequent TR very often, definitely probably way more than I should the food is great. Unfortunately the customer service is extremely subpar and poor. This will be my family and I last time visiting this restaurant. I love supporting locally owned businesses but the ladies that work here are rude every single time I come in the restaurant. Because we love it, I would ignore the less than unpleasant attitude of the employees, bad attitudes, rushed service. Today I ordered Nachos for my daughter the portions were definitely smaller than normal, I'm aware because we frequent often. The rude team member wanted to upcharge us on every single thing even the normal portions. We can go anywhere in Kansas for dinner but choose to come here. Today was it. The last chance was today. The employee threw a whole prepared dish away vs just adding chips on top.. We walked out mid ordering..Just ridiculous. For quick Tex-Mex we will go back to supporting Chipotle. Today an employee let long-time customers preparing to spend over 80.00 on dinner walk out over a scoop of chips. Please get these employees some serious training! I've seen several reviews about the lack luster services so this is something definitely not new. Bad employees can ruin great businesses. Fix the problem now.

January Plantage

Tried this for the first time yesterday! It was delicious. Been trying to find something similar to Pancheros - and this might fit the bill :) my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal! It was very fresh!

Kalynn Clements

ABSOLUTELY delicious. Way better than Chipotle. They have gluten free options. 5 Stars

Aaron Jones

We like TR. It's in the neighborhood, food is fresh and tasty. You can dial in your spicy sizzle from nothing to ouch!

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