Bru Burger Bar

3010 Lakecrest Cir, Lexington
(859) 305-0082

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Our RV Trip

Great experience all around. Family friendly, tasty burgers… we would definitely at here again!


Ordered carry out on a Saturday evening in August. Place was packed and after trying the food, I cannot understand why! Do these people NOT read all the negative reviews before they try out restaurants or just have really bad taste and low standards? Just like others here were complaining, the food was very mediocre at best and WAS NOT COOKED FRESH TO ORDER and was TEPID TEMPERATURE. Scratch that. Not mediocre. Very SUB-PAR for the premium prices they charge. Definitely will not return or recommend. In fact, I will warn others of the utterly crappy quality and they're better off going to a place like BurgerFi for gourmet burgers. Wendy's fast food mystery meat chili is even better than their lukewarm watery chili! The burger I got was barely warm and just like others said, the bun was grilled but SOGGY probably from sitting in a takeout container too long and steaming up and had dill PICKLES underneath it getting their nasty vinegar juice flavor on it! I can't stand pickles and the menu did NOT say it came with pickles! What the actual F? Where is your dignity and pride, Bru?? 1 out of 5 stars.


This place should definitely lower it's prices to fit the quality of food being served. We stopped in around 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon and with 4 people sitting at the bar and around 5 tables seated, this company still managed to produce COLD food. I made the mistake of ordering the Memphis bbq sandwich which lacked luster as well as flavor! NOT TO MENTION, IT WAS ICE COLD served with a side of tasteless bbq sauce which was ICE COLD. Why? How? The fries on my friends plate were cold and my onion rings were tepid at best. $90.00 later (including tip), well, lesson learned. If you have no taste then this is the place for you! If you have taste, learn from my mistake. Not necessary to ever go back.

Lynn Ransdell

This place never fails to deliver. The food is great and the service is excellent. I love the variety of unique burgers. I also appreciate the fact that they have gluten free buns.


Had the Double Bacon. It was good. The special sauce is liken to a Thousand Island type(but not). The fries have a slight hint of sweetness, not over barring. And the House ketchup is a unique change from traditional. My wife had the BBQ pork/chicken nachos. They were good as well. Would definitely eat here again.

Joshua Moore

Food was delicious. all there ketchup, ranch and black pepper mayo etc... made from scratch was so good.


It was breezy and quiet — perfect weather and atmosphere. Had a great salad with purple-ish dressing that was divine. (Sorry, I don’t remember the name of it.) Hamburgers have lots of unusual toppings, so be sure you know what you’re ordering.

Jessyca Roberts

We arrived for a late dinner and sat on the patio it was a very calming pleasant area with market lights and music being played. We ordered the pretzel appetizer. It arrived with beer cheese and spicy brown mustard. Very good pretzel and sauces! Pretzel was warm and soft with just the right amount of chewy buttery salty goodness.I ordered the turkey burger with slaw and peach compote. The turkey had a nice flavor and I loved the chutney. I was not crazy about the slaw but took it off. I didn't read the description well enough to see it had peppers and I'm not a fan of them. The burger was served on an oat bun. I cant remember the name of the turkey burger my daughter got but she loved it and it came on a butter bun. Both sandwiches came with french fries with house made spicy ketchup. We were pretty full but we ordered dessert to go. I ordered a cheesecake with strawberry compote. It was thick and creamy and very good. Strawberry compote was sweet and perfect texture for dipping. My daughter had the childs brownie with ice cream it came with strawberry and chocolate sauce. She said it was the perfect size if you didn't have alot of room left in your belly. We drank water. Appetizer, Dinner and Dessert plus 25% tip was 52.00

Darcy Chauvin

I'm known for eating my fries before my burger. But I couldn't put my double bacon burger down! They have more local breweries on draft (so no bud light draft, oh well.) Staff is fast and friendly. My son got a side of fruit instead of fries and it was a good fresh variety. They make their own ketchup that's sweeter but really good! I thought it tasted a bit like grape jelly (regular is available but I chose their house made)

Heather B.

I'm pretty upset with this restaurant right now. I've been coming here for a few years and the service has always been amazing. Tonight wasn't such a great experience. The couple infront of us wanted to sit outside and they were told it would be a 10-15 minute wait. They decided to sit inside because they didn't want to wait. My wife and I asked to sit outside and were told they aren't allowing people to sit outside anymore. We walk out and as soon as we get to the car they seat the 3 people who were behind us in line outside. While we were sitting in the car trying to figure out what to do they sat another table outside. I would have been happy to wait as long as I needed to get a table outside. I don't know if it was because we're lesbians but I can't come up with any reason they would do this to us. I will never come back here again.

Shawn Raines

One of my favorite places to go. We always get the loaded chili cheese fries for an appetizer. The burger week burger was very good.

Tiana M.

I got the Big Blue Burger during the Burger Week and omg I can't tell you how AMAZING it is It comes with habanero blueberry bacon relish and blueberry aioli. I hope they add it to their menu! Instagram: @foodbytiana

Scott N-Tiffany Tackett

Not from Lexington, but found this place on Google. Atmosphere was nice, our server was extremely friendly, and the management came by our table multiple times. Had the burger week burger today, and the shrimp jalapeño mac and cheese. both were delicious. manager came by and asked how we liked everything, told him it was great and he took our order order dessert.. Ordered the bread pudding and the Whiskey brownie for dessert! Got the bill, no dessert on the bill. asked our server to fix it, she came back and said the manager (tall, blue shirt on today, didn't catch his name?) said it was on him. For no reason. Great customer service, and great food. 5 stars, we will be back when we are in town!


Great food! Went during burger week and had their specialty burger. Was really good. Our waitress was very helpful and even suggested other things to do while in Lexington.

Aaron D.

This was my first time at this restaurant and they didn't disappoint. I tried the Bru Burger with fries and it was delicious. Would come again.

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