Chipotle Mexican Grill

1869 Plaudit Pl #140, Lexington
(859) 263-2611

Recent Reviews

will jaffe

Awesome food...quick in quick out...happy wife. Excellent.

dan davis

Stood there and waited in line towards the end they said they're out of chicken I wish they would have put a sign up and I wouldn't have wasted 30 minutes of my life standing in line

Hunter Paul

Good overall. Online orders might be a little lacking in substance but might be fixed by now.

Jacob Barnes

Literally stop here all the time to satisfy my never ending craving for chipotle. Workers are super cool and always working hard it seems.

Gary “DADDYRAT.” Shelby

Good food I like eating from there day I want they had buy one get one free lots of places to shop nare the interstate highway nices side of town.

Mary Beth Baylon

Left out 3/4 of my ingredients and then I called and they just said they were sorry.

Melissa Fuller

I haven't had Chipotle for over a year! Not one in my new area and it was Sssooooo good! Fresh and filling!

Ayesha Smith

I wanted a burrito bowl but they were out of chicken. I tasted the beef and it was too spicy and the steak wasn't good.

Kaci Valdez

Hamburg location is always fast and easy, even when they are under staffed. I work on Richmond Rd and drive that extra distance just to avoid the Richmond Rd location. You just never know when the Richmond Rd location is taking walk-ins or online only. Half the time the order is incorrect or the app doesn't have certain options, like lettuce. Definitely recommend Hamburg location!

Sean Burns

Crispy tacos are soggy when purchased to go. Left out bag of chips that we bought. Unfortunately I missed them too when I checked the bags.


At about 9:15 I walked into a delightful chipotle for the first time, excited to try the vine famous food. I joyfully ordered the burrito with a baracooda meat? As I was ordering, a blonde with a bun and too much eye lash was pushing me enough to make a escalator jealous then when I got to the next section she ruined the excitement out of my order with rudeness but the burrito was great! Service was dog water. I'm disappointed in you chipotle, Bridget, do better.

Arthur Cammers

If you're having blood-pressure issues, beware, the food is a bit salty. On the other hand making a burrito is a pretty low ecological footprint affair for the consumer. Tell them to keep the bag if you can, and don't get the sugar-laden carbonated water. ❤️ You could balance your diet with burritos alone, and they're delicious!

Theresa Johnson

Fresh ingredients and the portion size is great! I did feel rushed to order though.

Crystal Beaven

I am commenting on the service. There are 3 employees in the back. 1 person making the food and 1 person on the register. There is a line to the end of the dine in area and people are getting angry. This is POOR management. Have more employees on the line to assist during rush. This is ridiculous. I feel really bad for the one guy making all of the food. He is sweating profusely and wiping his brow. Poor guy might have a heat stroke. To whoever owns this franchise, DO BETTER!!

Lai-Yee Ho

Terrible. I ordered a quesadilla with a side of rice and beans (it comes with sides). When I got it, it was just the quesadilla packed in the burrito bowl containers with no sides. When I went back in to tell them, they put a spoonful of rice and beans in a sauce container, I when clearly saw multiple stacks of quesadilla trays available.

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