Papa John's Pizza

2937 Richmond Rd, Lexington
(859) 268-0200

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Bonnie Bowman

Thank you for the delicious pizza with lots of toppings. Loved our food, service and the staff.

Julio Carmona

I live on Richmond rd. About five minutes away from this papa johns. I’ve ordered delivery from this location twice and order has been wrong or had items left out both times. Incompetent managers and staff all around. Delivery guy ran as fast as he could away from my house bc they know they are horrible at their job. Wish I could give 0 stars

Yong Lee

Pizza is absolute terrible there is no hearts in it??? Used to be very good don't know what happened to it don't use excuse of cova 19.?

Kevin Burger

I ordered delivery while at work, the driver apparently decided it was too difficult to come inside the store and deliver the order. When i called the store it went to a message saying they were busy and the food would be delivered soon, the app showed the driver had been here and food was “delivered”. When i finally got a chance to call the store again (about 15-30 min because i was at work doing WORK!) I heard the staff say as they picked up the phone “now they call back” and they proceeded to be rude and unhelpful.

paula mcknight

I had an issue with my order. Now,part of the problem was my fault,but not all of it. The manager was unwilling to do anything to help. So, I will no longer be ordering from papa johns. I couldn't even this pizza. I ended up eating peanut butter for dinner. Wasted my money.

jamie huff

Our pizza had a huge bubble in the crust and was missing a topping. Garlic knots had the wrong sauce. Called them and manager said they would replace it and get it right out to us. Hour and half later and no signs of the replacement. This is just poor. Poor customer service, poor management, poor attitude towards the product … just a sad state of affairs.

Donna H.

I used to work here for about 8 1/2 years. And I liked it for a while and then about a year ago stuff started going down hill there. I was a MD which is a manager under the GM. Which in my place I should have been the GM cause the gm there didnt know how to do his job. I was always working 12 and 13 hour days and 50 and 60 hours a week doing everything because noone else knew how to. Well it woke me up in October of last year when I almost died because of this place cause I was so over worked that my body shut down. I finally seen they didn't care about me and was just using me to do everything so I quit. I have heard since then that place has went down hill. I will never work for them again.

Catarina Stepp

Just ordered a pizza online with delivery stating it would take 25-30 minutes, keep in mind I worked a 12 hour shift and was expecting my food in 30 minutes. I waited over an hour before calling and they had no idea when it would be delivered even though the food was done and had been waiting. He had the audacity to see people who don’t “pre-tip” have to wait longer. You get a tip with cash AFTER the foods been delivered. Absolutely shocked a manager would say that to me. I will never order anything else from papa johns.

Christopher Smith

I order from here frequently and my work orders from there too as I order for my work. However the last two times my orders have been wrong. Last time I ordered a Papadilla.. Requests I made were correct on sticker on side of box... Unfortunately they choose to completely ignore it and made it how they wanted.. Sucked as that was my dinner which I didn't eat.Hope they do better or I will stop ordering there...

Chad Iddings

Called for delivery, we were told 27-37 minutes. Ended up waiting over an hour. Door dash couldn't find our hotel. Called and gave location again and was told 10 minutes. We waited another 25. Pizza was not hot anymore.

Chris Gilley

As a manager at this location, I can not speak for everyone else there. But I will always try my best to go above and beyond to help out our customers in anyway I am able to.

Catie Pattinson

I usually dont write bad reviews but this was the worst pizza ive ever had in my life, and not bc the way it was delivered. It wasn't cooked all the way through and soggy. I called the manager and he was patronizing and told me it was doordashs fault when i said it wasnt cooked all the way through

Kristie Napier

Terrible Papa John's location.. We ordered 2 pizzas. Both wrong, cold and not cut. Driver was rude. Called manager of store and he hung up on me pretending he couldn't hear me. Completely unacceptable. There are too many other choices. Choose wisely!

Taliyah Fogle

They can’t get my pizza right and I’ve ordered there so many times. Then they argue with me and say that they did put extra sauce but there is literally no sauce in the pizza. Light cheese but there is a thick layer of cheese. They get it right sometimes but when they get it wrong they become condescending.

P B.

Just the worst. When you can get an order delivered, it's actually not bad. But good luck with that. Their "tracker" is useless. They'll act like it's your fault when you call after an hour with no updates. We've been hung up on by a manager here, waited well over an hour just to see a pizza sit in "preparing," and even had them send a delivery via door dash even when ordered through the PJ app, only to have the driver tell us an hour in that he had a flat tire. It's ridiculous, consistent, and awful.

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