Pies & Pints - Lexington, KY

401 W Main St Suite 106, Lexington
(859) 231-7437

Recent Reviews

Jeffrey A. Zahn

Pizza had excellent crust. Large selection of beers and different types of pizza

David Bland

Nice, clean, friendly atmosphere with great food at reasonable prices. Also the first place I went out with the girl of my dreams! :)

Todd Jackson

Very good. Everyone in my group enjoyed the service. I will be coming back

Katie H.

The black bean pizza is out of this world. We also loved the grape pizza. The wings are some of the best in town. Can't wait to come back and try the shrimp pizza and brownie.

Robin Schlatter

Unique pizza options and a wide variety of beers to choose from. Much bigger than it looks from the outside, perhaps the TARDIS of pizza shops? I have been twice and the last waiter we had was VERY knowledgeable about the beer selection and his suggestion was much better than what I originally ordered! :) Highly recommend the Chicken Gouda and the Mexican Street Corn pies! While also good, the appetizers (I had the chips and salsa one trip and the Pork Nachos the second time) are huge and you're better served saving your appetite for the delicious pizza in my opinion.

Michael Leone

I saw the great reviews so walked down from my hotel. Walked out after an hour after ordering and no pizza. Wasn’t crazy crowded so that can’t be an excuse. We’re talking dough and cheese here c’mon.

Amber R.

I've had great food from Pies & Pints in the past, which is why I placed the order to begin with. My son ordered the Cuban sandwich, and I the pulled pork nachos. There was hardly ANY pork on the nachos, and the sandwich was so filled with onions, you couldn't taste anything else. For the listed price of each, I expected a little more.

Corina Mayo

Amazing service, beer variety as well as food options.Had the chicken wings appetizer, steak sandwich and chips and couple pizzas. You cannot go wrong with any of the choices as well as the price.There was a long wait of more than25 minutes but it was worth it. Very friendly staff all around!Thank you for a wonderful experience!

George W.

Excellent service, the bartender was very attentive and friendly. The selection of local beers was good, and the food was amazing!!!

Casey C.

We ordered a large white pizza. It came out as a large pizza with red sauce. They made three attempts to get our order right - it took over an hour for one pizza even though there were very few people in the restaurant. The waitress apologized and also someone else came by to apologize for it taking so long .They did not offer a discount - full bill came.


We were a large group and made a reservation. They were able to accommodate us well. The service was great! The food was excellent. I ate the Margharetta pizza. The staff recommended an excellent local brew to accompany the food. Definable worth checking out for pizza

Ri S.

Absolutely love this pizza place! I enjoy all kinds of pizza crusts and styles. For reference some of my fave big brands are Old Chicago, Grimaldi, Dominoes, Motor City frozen Detroit Style, Little Ceasars (Cheesy bread or thin crust only) Pizza hut original or pan crust. I always love trying spots that have unique ingredients or flavor combos and this one hits the spot! I highly recommend both the Gouda Chicken and the Cuban Pork. The Gouda Chicken was really good cold too! The Cuban Pork was much better hot but still decent cold.. Both of them warmed up well in the microwave too, the crust got nice and soft without getting soggy. Parking you will probably want to use the garage off Broadway. There is a pedestrian walkway from the garage to the square, which you can walk thru to get closer to Pies and Pints. I also highly recommend walking thru the cute little park across the street with the fountains. What my stars mean: 5 is outstanding, a must-experience, someplace I would bring/recommend to a tourist 4 is great, someplace I would love to go back to again and again. Backup options to bring/recommend to a tourist 3 is good. Someplace I would return to if in the area. I probably wouldn't recommend to a tourist, but possibly to a local. 2 is ok but only because it is either cheap or convenient. 1 means I would not return

Amy Jojean

Absolute BEST pizza!!! I can’t say enough about the pizza. Wonderful!

Scott Moll

Good beer options. Chicken Gouda pizza is fantastic (small pictured).

Jason J.

Second visit, and it was better than the first. Service was amazing and food was wonderful. Would be 5 stars if they offered ranch

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