Burger King

1209 Grand Caillou Rd, Houma
(985) 272-1856

Recent Reviews

Mark P Richards

"Yesterday my wife and I went to the Drive Thru, She ordered a Whopper with Cheese no pickles. I ordered a BK Hand Breaded Chicken with Onion rings and a Coke"....."Well That will never happed again $15 for a Whopper without cheese, Extra Pickles COLD OLD AND Abused Lettuce and Tomato. Mind was even funnier "Should have called it a Happy Meal...a Great White Shark could not get a Bite out of that Hand Abused Chicken Sandwich. Large Container FOR onion rings....Only Problem...

Mike Jones

I'm glad I ate there, because the whooper that I got the bun was hard and the meat tasted like it was cooked two days ago and sat on the hard bun for a day. They did take care of it, but If I had my order to go, I would have been screwed.

Craig Berkowitz

Very quick. Friendly service

chris lewis

Came in clutch when Wendy's down the road decided they didn't want my money. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience at this Burger King. Sometimes maybe less than stellar, but never a bad experience

christopher “pimp c” Duplantis

Better than mickey D's fasho..

christopher Duplantis

Better than mickey D's fasho..

Tessie Cortez

Clean sterile environment and has the best burgers of all major fast food restaurants

Tiffany Trahan Collins

I ordered a double bacon king meal no ketchup, a dbl chz burger kids meal only cheese, 2 dbl chz burgers, 1 dbl chz burger only cheese and a cheese tot. I am missing a whole dbl cheese burger and there is almost DOUBLE ketchup on the dbl bacon king and NO BACON. I am very disappointed. Its sad when you gotta travel 3-5 miles to get to a good burger king (the west Park location).

dana Simpkins

The worst burger, even the lettuce was nasty! Dont eat here

Tina Freeman

Disppointed. I ordered a bottled water but had to pay additiomal 50 cents for a cup of ice. No tomato on my whopper. Staff was not friendly so I did not complain. I love Burger King and when I left I was wondering if they will probably closing the business because the service.


Not only did they mess my burger up twice but they also spit on it. Absolutely horrible staff.

Kyle W.

2 stars because service is usually quick. However... I order a Bacon King, seriously, 1 piece of bacon, torn in half. Bacon King?! Also, 1 slice of cheese instead of 2. Wish I could say that this was a one-off. But it's the norm.

Janice Hamilton

Cold food, asked for fries and onion rings, got just rings. They couldn't understand what i wanted. Cold jr. Whopper.

Matthew Presley

Clean good place to eat employees are always in good spirits

Michelle Sarah

Ordered the 2/$10 meal tonight. Asked for cheese to be added and onion rings instead of fries. The onion rings were old and not even warm. Open the burgers and not only was it not warm but no cheese on either burger. Very disappointing. Won’t return back to this location. My dog will get to enjoy my meal tonight.

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