1741 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Houma
(985) 223-2078

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Eric Pellegrin

I was given a redemption card by Chick-fil-a back in February 2021 due to them messing up my order. The redemption card was for a free item (fry, soft drink, ice cream). I went to the Chick-fil-a in Houma, LA today and placed a order for two cob salads with grilled chicken. I received my order after waiting 10 minutes and they prepared the salad with fried chicken. I gave the order back and they said they would have to re-fix the salads. While inconveniently waiting I asked to redeem the card for a small soft drink. I was told that the card was expired and that they could not honor it. WOW! If that was not terrible customer service I don't want to see it. If I could have given no stars I would have. So the card that they gave me for bad service the first time wasn't even applicable after they gave me bad service the second time!

Kevin Dewaine

As we were eating at the Veterans Blvd. location in Houma, LA, I observed a member cleaning tables. He had a spay bottle and a rag. He would spray a liquid on the table then wipe anything off of the table onto the booth, chair, or floor. After ding so, he would go to another empty table and do the same.I asked him how many tables he had wiped with that towel and I was told 8. I asked him if he would clean the plate he was about to eat from with that towel and he said no. I asked why use a dirty towel, he said was told to wipe done tables and then return to food delivery.Am I the only one who has questions? Or am I blind and not seeing the whole picture?

Private Business

I should have one of these places in my kitchen, it's not an inconvenience to go there, it's just Im greedy and I'd like to have one close to me!!

Angie Perez

Love this place everyone is super friendly and extremely helpful

Darrin Martin

Its chick fila, but this particular one is the worst I've ever been to. Horrible drive thru, worthless order takers, and. Heck your order before leaving the window.

Dereck McGee

They promote bullying and harassment by overlooking reported issues in the workplace.


Very fast service and got our order until 5-6 minutes. Food was great and employees were all very friendly.

Dre Verdin

The wife loves Chick-fil-a I just wish I didn't have to travel 20 miles ??

Josh Trahan

As always very pleased with the food and service here. The only bad thing.... they are always packed. But, for good reason! Line always moves pretty quick for the amount of people being served.

dexter naquin

This location and the McDonald's down the road on mlk, are in a running competition to see who can be the slowest and most incompetent. Ordering was super quick, waiting for a milk shake for 30 minutes while 13 other orders were filled was rough.

Blake Bonvillian

Shouldnt have to explain why anyone thats been should know why :)

Jodie Bland

They tell you they’re out of items you order, AFTER you pay and wait 10 minutes in the drive through. Then forget to give you items you ordered and short you on the items you do receive. Ex: chicken Caesar salad with only 2 small pieces of chicken.

Haily Berthelot

Oh man those chicken nuggets were pressure and the people were lovely

Jonathan Dufresne

Ridiculously busy but super efficent in the way my order was taken and how quickly I got it.

Barbi Fields

I love Chick-fil-A but hate when I get a watered down drink. I know it was right before lunch and it was super crazy there but my drink was definitely watered from sitting out in the sun I guess.

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