Mano's Po-Boys

6943 Saints Dr, Metairie
(504) 734-0922

Recent Reviews

Charlotte Grab

Absolutely delicious!

Donna Tehas

I got the special, which was seafood stuffed bell peppers. They had a weird spice that was very overpowering. I could not really determine exactly what spice it was, but it was not something that I ever had in other stuffed peppers. I did not care for it.


Mashed potatoes w/ gravy are delicious!

Tara Cunningham

Wait staff is great and service is fast! The portions are big and the meat on the poboys is plentiful but the roast beef tasted a little like barbecue beef, which turned us off a bit. They have crinkle fries, which are great, but they have season-all on them. :(

Maria Pizzo

Busy delicious oh my goodness I loved the fried shrimp and oysters and eggplant

Barry Bischoff

Great food. Large portions. Great people!

Nathan Johnson

Great Po-Boys and friendly service. One of the places I have to go every time I'm in NOLA!

Darryl S

Food was delicious and came out pretty quickly after ordering. Definitely give this place a try if you haven't already!

Paul Lassalle

Awesome food, great service and good portions. Definitely recommend!!

Reina Rogue

Tasty food, great service and huge portions. Their meatloaf is amazing!

John Macgregor

Great staff! Very friendly people and fresh food! ???

Alain Arguelles

Fast, friendly, and tasty. Great in my book

Heath Atkins

Every time I've ate here the food has been perfect, and her portions are very generous!!

Ty H.

The oyster Po boy was phenomenal roast beef hair is great. You order at the front and then they bring in the meal to you!!! Hey very popular place and for good cause.

Stephanie Isaacs

My husband and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Not being from the area.

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