Heard Dat Kitchen

2520 Felicity St, New Orleans
(504) 510-4248

Recent Reviews

Amber Trepagnier

The food hands down was delicious!! You will not be disappointed. I don’t know what they put in that sauce but it left me wanting to lick the plate.

Leo Hernandez

I had the superdome, was delicious, you guys should try it.


The shrimp and grits are awful here!I honestly wish I could give them 0 stars, but unfortunately 1 was the lowest I could give.We decided to order food here based upon their food reviews, but unfortunately we weren’t given food that can be represented by their current stars. This restaurant is completely awful! I ordered their shrimp and grits and it was by far the WORSE shrimp and grits that I’ve ever had! I’ve had shrimp and grits from a lot of places and this was such a HUGE disappointment… and from New Orleans? I expected shrimp & grits to be the best from New Orleans but turned out to be the worse (at least from Heard Dat Kitchen). I just want people to be aware and know beforehand of the quality so they won’t be upset by the reality of the dishes they served O. Also, I’d like to point out that shrimp and grits is my all-time favorite meal and they couldn’t do it justice at all. It was very bland, no seasoning and the shrimp left a weird residue. I called to tell them about my experience concerning the shrimp and grits and they were completely rude and dismissed any thoughts and feelings I had by saying “we never had any complaints before”. If this is how they serve their shrimp and grits to everyone, then I’m definitely not wrong and people are not a fan. Definitely would not recommend, at all!

Timmi Marie Wascom

Wasn’t what we expected when we found it on Google, but I promise you it didn’t disappoint! Food was amazing, everyone was super nice.

Shokie Sanks

Great food I love this spot

Ben Pritchard

Good flavor but not flexible on the menu because i couldn’t switch the onion rings with mac on the superdome

Asia Gray

Food was not as good as everyone said. The chicken was cooked to perfection, and the” dat shyt” drink was good but everything was gross. We called ourselves going outside of bourbon street to get some real Authentic creole food, and was disappointed. The lady who took our order was pleasant tho, even gave us a free drink for our wait

Sheri Jones

The food was excellent! I had the red beans with Catfish and a side of Dat fries. The quantity is plenty to share with two people and the prices are very reasonable.

Denii Mas

The food is always so good! The customer service is phenomenal and the chef is a true blessing to the food community ?

Ben Cool

Just buy it. You owe it to yourself. Get the bourbon street love, like I did. It is essentially take out only, so be ready to take out.Your phone call will go like this."Heard dat.""I want 2 bourbon street loves for pickup.""$32.85 be ready in 20 minutes."*Click.*Greatest to-go dining experience I have ever had.Our food even sat in our car for an extra like 20 minutes because our hotel sucked, but the food was still hot, crispy, tasty, and good.Cannot recommend more.

Kareem Bragg Sr.

Good food, great prices and the service was decent. Recommended.

Matthew Finn

Excellent food and even better service. Everyone working there was so friendly. Couldn't recommend it more.


Fresh delicious fried chicken and their fries were loaded! So good! Highly recommended!

Linda Cook

The food was very fresh and hot. I would definitely visit again when visiting Nola!

E H.

I am so glad we checked this place out. It was our last meal in New Orleans. Dine in remains closed so we ate in the car. The highlight was the Superdome which was incredibly decadent and delicious. I can't wait to come back

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