134 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans
(504) 488-7991

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Dr. Walaa Ismail MHS,MBA

Gil was such an awesome bartender - Rob the manager was also nice and friendly! First time and I must admit I enjoyed. Will be back soon ! Stuffed mushrooms was the best I had

Ryan Smith

We just went to Venezia today looking for a good Italian restaurant that wasn’t overpriced. The food was great for a great price and it had a great family atmosphere.

Lyndell Hill

Good food I enjoyed, nice vibe good servic, old fashioned but not up tight. Had a great time

Janet LaPrime

This was my 1st experience with Venezia where the food was mediocre. Not at all what we were used to. The flavor and rich textures just weren't there.

Marc B.

The ribeye was recommended by a family member and it was fantastic! Nothing better than steak and pasta. Will definitely return for the steak. 5*

Jackie Sims

Food was amazing and great service!

Danielle Carney

The cheese bread was so garlicky and cheesy. The pizza was amazing and the wait staff was the best. Would recommend to others.

Raymond Sweet

It was just okay. Nothing to brag about. Price is decent. I had the Pontchatrain veal. Crab meat was tasteless. Veal tasted weird. It felt Syscoish. Staff not diverse. Management and guests moving about with no mask. No one asked for vaxx card. Perhaps I should have tried spaghetti and meatballs which is what my friend had. I felt hungry afterwards. And garlic bread was barely toasted. But I think that's a New Orleans thing. The servers were attentive, but a bit frazzled. The place was full, but well staffed so I don't know where they kept running too or why. But whatever.

Rachel Jarboe

Ate dinner here last night at the suggestion of our Lyft driver, Stephen. The waitress was fantastic and ran her tail off serving everyone. The food was great with heaping portions. I would definitely return!Extra points for helping me replace my dropped mask so I could in my Lyft back to the hotel! The waitress was even willing to grab me one from her car. It was really kind!!

Roy Hasle Rosser

Excellent service and food was very delicious!!

Cheney B.

Sadly we were let down. Been a stable place for me since the 60's and rarely bad. Yesterday we stood at the door of a mostly empty place while the workers stared at us till we asked to be seated. Ran out of tea, then the ice, The eggplant was underscored What appeared to be a manager talked to his friends the whole time we were there needing service. Asked for bread two times from two people, it showed but was stale, asked for fresh to get breadcrumb ready bread. Salad had no dressing, overflowing plate of large pieces of lettuce, and maybe enough meat and cheese to feed a mouse. We got two and both were the same. Neighbors had the strength to ask for dressing and topping which they got but no one asked about ours. Then the lazania was OK but the Cannoloni was so full of garlic and salt that the meat was ruined. Wanted to talk to someone but after we didn't touch the stale bread and had to ask for our check we just left our tip and ran. Most likely going to be a while till we return. Supported them during COVID and trying to support them now but when no one there cares or wants to wrk than it's apparently a lost cause. Sad for sure!

Danni R.

Ignored for near an hour. Three other families seated, served, and left and no one would look at us. Called and waved and had to physically block a waiter to get acknowledged. Asinine awful service. would give negative stars if that were an option.

Sam Rantisi

It's not what it use to be the food is good and service is very good

Matthew B.

Should have gone to Olive Garden. Got there on time for a reservation but had to wait for a table to open. We waited outside for 30 minutes, so we ended up leaving since they didn't have a table even after making a reservation days before. The bar across the street had a nice chicken parm sandwich though!

Wendy Savelle

Great Italian food. Servings were large. Service was great.

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