Boba Me

1520 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 203-6480

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Victoria Cloonan

I'm sure the owner would like to read this because I would hate to have workers like this representing my hard earned business! I drove 20 minutes tonight to get here (I arrived at 9:45pm) and the door was locked. The woman inside tried to ignore me, but I knocked on the door and she very rudely stated they were closed. I told her that I called and the phone recording stated they closed at 10pm- she very rudely stated "that's a lie we don't have a phone" and she proceeded to blast bachata music on the speakers and lock the door. She obviously already had everything put away and cleaned up anyway so I went back to my car parked directly out front and searched for another boba shop that was open near me. A few minutes after, two cops arrived to the place and idled outside the shop doors. I'm actually glad I ended up leaving and driving to Chatime in Quincy because the service was better and the smoothies were great lol

Wentana Ghile

I usually like this place but went last night and did not have a pleasant experience. I made an order which initially requested no ice and when it was made it had ice (no big deal ofc! Things happen). So I made a comment about if I could have the ice removed please and was met with a weird, unprofessional comment by the server. The server then removed some of the ice and handed me back a 2/3 full drink that clearly needed to be refilled (the cups are translucent and the drink was orange so hard to miss) I’m not a confrontational person nor did I see a benefit in making another comment so I just left the store. When I tried the drink it was also not made properly (wayyyy too much sugar and asked for only 25%). Will not be returning back

Arianna R.

The woman there was not super friendly. They were sold out on almost every add on- they didn't even have a variety in sizes. The taste was watery and a disgrace to any Boba Enthusiast.

Xx Gacha Influencer xX

The place is clean and the staff are nice! I got a taro tea i personally didnt like it but my sister did 5/5!

Luis Garcia

One person working but he is the best. Excellent service, will recommend

Jennifer Ciarletto

super fast and friendly staff and service! i love it here:)

Mick Cain

A taro smoothly is just powder, milk, and whole ice cubes.

justin le

Yo there was a girl that was mad rude and turned away when we came in and closed 20 mins away lmao go to therapy bro fr

Eva K.

Boba is very hard and doesn't taste like freshly cooked.The drinks don’t taste good, don’t waste your money.

Karan shah

One of the most pathetic experience ever in my life. The server is the rudest and her name is Ruby. She shows middle finger to customers. I also have video of her pathetic pathetic behaviour. She has a very tough attitude and this is the first time this “Ruby” person who is a server. The server forgot to add what was in the ticket and she tells the customer its not my fault. I don’t understand how do the owners hire them. She called the cops because she says she is full time

Phebe H.

Ok this review might be biased because I live right across the street from Boba Me and am a frequent customer. Their boba drinks have gotten me through some tough times, including the pandemic and a bar exam, and at the end of the day I am grateful I live so close to a boba shop. Taste/Quality: I have tried a fair number of their drinks, including taro, matcha, rose matcha, mango, brown sugar, and green tea. The Rose Matcha is a def favorite. I also like their popping boba and Oreo topping choices, but the regular boba is pretty solid too. While I can't say it's the best quality I've ever had, it does the job. The sugar and ice are all adjustable. As a lactose-intolerant person I appreciate that most of their drinks are non-dairy. They come in these very adorable cups that say Peace Love Boba. Variety: not a huge menu, but they have all the basic flavors covered. They also have some food options but those always seemed to be sold out. Vibe: the shop is small-ish but very clean and there are 5 or so wide tables to do work at, with some outlets and wifi. I like that the drinks can be self-ordered with the tablet function. Price: the regular drinks here are only $4-4.50, which is less expensive than at other places, but the size is slightly smaller. But I find that the regular size is perfect for satisfying my boba cravings, so no complaints here.

Victoria C.

A boba shop in Mission Hill, close to Roxbury Crossing, and I finally got the opportunity to try it out. It was a hot day, so I decided to go for the mango blizzard smoothie with boba. I came mid-afternoon, so service was quick, but the taste wasn't quite there. They do use mango chunks in the smoothie which was nice, but the smoothie was very thin (was expecting a thicker smoothie) and when I reached the bottom of the cup I noticed not everything was fully blended. The boba was also a little hard in the middle, but still kept its chewy qq texture to it. Hopefully the milk teas here are better. They also have banh mi and flaming hot Cheetos fries, but they were both sold out and I didn't get a chance to try either. Their menu also says they will be offering vanilla and ube soft serve soon, so looking forward to seeing this store grow.

Ryan M

yummy boba and friendly staff!

Maddy J.

LOVED the rose matcha drink!!! I'm a boba fanatic and have tried a ton of bobas and their rose matcha has got to be near the top of my list of favorites. As shown in the photo, the color is stunning and the flavor balance matches its presentation. It wasn't overly matcha or rose-- the flavors together were really unique and yummy! Also tried the taro smoothie and enjoyed it as well-- not the best taro I've had, but very refreshing on a hot day. I'd definitely go back for the rose matcha though-- highly recommend!

Philip Welch

We stopped in here about 30 minutes til closing on our way home from Boston. This location is on Tremont street in Boston Massachusetts. We ordered 4 smoothies for the road. A Strawberry flavored with strawberry jelly, 2 mango, and one oolong tea with lychees. We found them to be very delicious. The 2 young ladies that were working there did a great job and were expedient in getting us our order. If I have more time on my next visit I will definitely try more of their menu items. I do not have pics from this visit, but will next week. Try them out!

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