Chart House

60 Long Wharf, Boston
(617) 227-1576

Recent Reviews

C Lane

Excellent food, welcoming staff members, regularly great character. They charge reasonable rates and the food quality is very good. Great work.

Ayesha Aleksov

Excellent appetizers on the outside patio! Lovely harbor views. Our waiter, Igor was very pleasant!

Donna Parham

Omar my server was wonderful. Want oysters? This is the place for happy hour oysters. Very fresh and only $1.50 each. Also, jumbo boiled shrimp $1.50 each. Lobster was very delicious.

Samantha Feng

We were here for restaurant week. The location is really nice! Walking distance to. Lot of fun

Kevin Boutelle

I can't say enough about how awesome this place is. Our waiter, Igor, was the absolute best. Attentive, happy to joke around with us and stayed on top of our needs like he didn't have any other tables to serve. And they were swamped that night. Whatever you do, try the Old Fashioned. Even if you don't care for Bourbon. It's that good.

Shayne Schellbach

This place is amazing! Good food! Great location! Service is amazing (Loraine, Omar, Kim, Gene) and the chef/manager Brian is so dedicated to making sure as a guest you are happy! Would recommend 100%


Had no reservations & luckily got in quick. Hostess always cheeked on us. Our waiter ennedy was on point. I thought the food was pricey but my kids ate & wife was Happy so Very Good !!

Deborah Pinell

We ordered the coconut shrimp, among other apps, and it was delicious!! My entree was swordfish ... one of the best I've had. Chart House is a great restaurant, and never disappoints.

Beatriz Ramirez

The food is amazing full of flavor and great service. Will be coming back when I visit Boston again.

Martina Tash

Went with husband for our 1yr anniversary last night and it did not live up to our expectations unfortunately. From start to finish our experience was overall poor. Our waiter was off putting, I don’t think he even told us his name. The chowder was incredibly salty and the lobster stuffed scrod, for all the hype in previous reviews, was horrible, it was poorly presented and salty as well. I gave Chart House 2 stars because of the location, atmosphere and the valet guy was really great!Overall, I wish we would have chosen another restaurant to celebrate.

Laura Maxi

Great atmosphere and service. I recommend the mango mojito as a cocktail. Outdoor dining if weather permits.

Adam B.

Right off the bat ... there are MANY places to eat in Boston which are better than the Chart House. If you are looking for seafood, this is probably way down on my list of spots to hit ... however, I was visiting the city with some folks who are not into seafood while others were very into seafood and I recall from going on a business lunch here that they had a bit of variety in regard to the menu. If you are looking for seafood, walk a little further down the seaport and you'll find a lot of waterfront restaurants. (Legal Seafood Test Kitchen, etc.)Having said that ... this is a solidly average restaurant. Nothing wrong with that. It's consistent in it's average-ness. It won't wow you ... but rarely will it disappoint you. They have indoor seating and outdoor seating, thanks to coronavirus. While it does 'sort of' have city views outside and is located next to a harbour ... you won't really get great views here, even though they are kind of there. That's the theme of this place. Consistently average on all levels. (not a knock)We ordered the clam chowder, which tasted a little like canned Progresso clam chowder with the addition of bacon. It was satisfying ... not the best, not the worst. An acceptable potato to clam ratio and in between creamy and watery.The fish and chips were ... average. It is a traditional beer batter. 3 small-ish pieces of fish. Inside, it wasn't the flakiest fish I ever had ... the exterior was crispy and brown. Cooked well but average. The shoestring french fries were not the kind of fries you'd expect to be served with fish and chips. They complimented the burger more than the fish. The burger was (you guessed it) average ... not too big or small. It had a nice taste ... the bun was a bit cheap and the condiments, etc. were nothing special but it was satisfying.French dip sandwich ... nothing you couldn't get at a bowling alley restaurant or mall food court. It was satisfying in a junk food sort of way. Regular bun, average meat, average cheese.The wine list is extensive but the markup is beyond crazy. A $9 bottle of wine is $15 per glass here. They have a 'rare wine' section of the menu which they sell per glass. $40 for a glass of what would be a bottle of $65 wine is a bit crazy. I get the whole liquor mark up thing but that's just crazy. (Also ... most of the 'luxury' wines were in the $55 - $75/bottle range. I don't know if I'd call that 'luxury' selection.) Where they really lose points ... we ordered a round of soup and entrees and the meal took 2 hours. From the time we ordered until the soup came out was 45 minutes. The entrees came out at the 1.5 hour mark and even though we mentioned that we had a plane to catch, it was another 20 minutes from the time we asked for the check vs. when we got it. Oddly, the restaurant was fairly empty ... it's not like they were slammed and in the weeds. If you are looking for a nice leisurely lunch of about 2 hours with lots of space in between ... here you go. If you were hoping for an hour long lunch before catching a flight ... go elsewhere.The spacing of tables was fantastic and hand sanitizer pumps were everywhere. We felt safe here during an uncertain time in a city which, at one time, had high covid numbers. Boston is a lot less crowded than it used to be with tourists ... but there still are some around. You can walk across the street to Faniuel Hall/Quincy Market if you dare. Or, this restaurant is in a good location as on a nice day, you can walk near the water ... or to the North End. Be aware that parking in this area is pricey! $40 for 2 hours pricey! We used a discount parking app and found all day parking for $25. It looked like the restaurant shared a lot with the Marriott, which is right next door. Next time, I'll call and see if they have spots they validate parking for.Average is the name of the game here ... it's inoffensive. Yo

Erin Connetta R.

I had dinner here last night at the bar, Kevin was great!Everything was excellent. The prime rib and coconut app the drinks were to die for! I will be back soon!!

Brian Hegarty

Totally dishonest and a complete rip off. Both of us ordered steak and a lobster tail. Before ordering I asked the waiter if the tail was a Maine lobster of a frozen spiny lobster. He assured me it was a Maine lobster. Nope, we got cheap frozen spiny lobster tails and when I told him about is he insisted they were Maine lobster and that he had asked the chef to confirm it. These guys must think everyone is a tourist. i don't think anyone would even think they were getting anything other than a fresh Maine lobster tail when eating on the water in Boston, Heck you can catch lobster right in the bay by the restaurant and you're selling cheap lobster and misrepresenting them as Maine lobster. Shame on you.

Uzair R.

Okay so this is what is wrong with this place.Lazy servers, one server dropped the drink on the floor but still serves it.There was a napkin and lime on the floor for 2 hours.The bartender Kevin was nice enough to service and run the bar at the same time - FOH SERVICE 1/5.The BOH the food was reheated bad their so called clam chowder was lumpy and disgusting and have flour bits on it.Mash potatoes was under season and lumpy like cancer sorry not sorry. The chocolate lava cake was dry and burned. The cheese cake was dry and old. BOH FOOD 1/5OVERALL 1/5 bad bad bad service and experience overall.

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