Chicken And Rice Guys

280 Washington St, Boston
(617) 423-0490

Recent Reviews

Greg S.

The food truck is not as good as the brick and mortar but it will do if you have a craving!

Kal I.

Chicken rice dish was good. Tofu and rice was amazing! Great customer service! Highly recommended!

Estebe-Ana P.

The first time I tried it I fell in absolute love. So yummy.

Mark H.

Chicken and Rice guys delivered some solid tasty food at a reasonable price during my visit to the great city of Boston.

Joshua L.

Can't believe we stumbled across this place! Absolutely amazing!! Chicken and rice is so yummy. Make sure to get the crispy onions and white sour cream sauce! I wish they had more locations!!

Jamie V.

Amazing food, FANTASTIC customer service. I'm glad I decided to satisfy my year long craving of CNR guys. I placed an order online through Yelp and all went well. Went to pick up and didn't realize there were no sauces in the bag until I got home. Now I had 3 boxes of rice with no sauce. You can't eat CNR guys with no sauce, it's like a sin. The food was still good without the sauce though. Ended up calling the restaurant and told them about the missing sauces. The person on the phone told me he was the one who personally packed my food, so there was no way; he remembers putting in 12 packs of white sauce (which I highly recommend, bc you can never have enough white sauce) but he still went out of his way to sort things out and I got a partial refund back.


Today was my first time eating at CARG and I must say I wasn't impressed. To me everything was bland and it just didn't do it for me. Some people may enjoy it but I won't be returning.

Aqil Sidek

In general the food is really good and slightly more affordable than the Halal Guys. The mint and white sauce is also really good! Only slight gripe I have is that on a couple occasions, the rice has been just ever so slightly undercooked. Still a great place though!

Tanu Patil

Loved this place. They have few options so it's easier to choose. Try the crispy onions and hummus!

Emily O'Brien

Fast service, good portion size, not many options, very little seating, medium hot sauce is hotter than you’d think, middle of the road quality/taste wise

Jennifer Cote

This is my go to place for lunch in Boston. It does get busy, but they get your order completed fast. Everything is great. The chicken, tofu, rice and salad are so tasty. All their sauces are yummy too. Excellent lunch for around $10. You can't go wrong with whatever combo you get.

J Bro

Great customer service at this location! The cashier was very nice. Great food too! Make sure you use the garlic sauce it's awesome.


Was looking for a place for lunch nearby. Food was only OK, but staff was friendly. Will try it again one more time.

Kevin F

Mixed feelings on this place recommended by a trusted foodie source. This location was noticeably messy with sauce and trash scattered all around the dressing area. My box of food was handed to me with wet hand prints on it which made me think twice. However by the time I got around to eating the chicken and rice, it was pretty good. Medium hot sauce def hotter than most mediums and the white sauce lived up to the hype. Would I go back? Prob not to this location but worth another shot, maybe they were under staffed on this particular day.

Stephanie M.

Tried the Downtown Crossing location since the line is always to the front door. I don't get it. It is poor quality chicken, barely seasoned, with yellow rice and iceberg lettuce. For an extra $1 you can get crispy onions ( from a can). For another $1, you can receive "veggies" which is a few diced over ripened tomatoes and cucumbers. I understand the hype of the's used to cover-up the poor quality food.

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