City Bar Back Bay

65 Exeter St, Boston
(617) 933-4800

Recent Reviews

Mads B.

Really great atmosphere right in the lobby of the Lenox Hotel. Quiet, dark, good people watching - just what you want in a bar. The bartender was friendly. We came in around 6:30 on a Tuesday night and there were lots of tables. Sadly, the drinks were not very good. The mamacita margarita reads like a spicy mango margie. Buuuut it tastes just like tequila and lime juice. Sad. The drinks were average at best. Cool vibe to stop in for a drink but maybe stick to beer here.

Ryan Hansen

Nice to see the city opening up. Great time, great bar!

Kelly Rateau

Cool spot I like it

Cristina S.

Benjamin and Sam are great bartenders! Benjamin recommended the chopped salad, the added salmon was an amazing touch! Totally recommend it

Kristie Lane

people are very nice,I LIke this place

Emmett Smith

I really loved this place. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. They have so many great reviews for a reason.

G Castillo

Great bar with excellent service to have drinks. Dark wood and dimmed lights. Perfect place to relax over a drink.Ohh and the warm soft pretzel dough sticks are so good they should be illegal! Ha


People are nice and the atmosphere is laid back. Never had a bad experience here.

Kristen S.

Great cocktail list. Strong, tasty drinks. We always grab a drink here before dinner when we stay at the Lenox. Raw bar is surprisingly good and their homemade cocktail sauce is amazing! Pretzel trio app is also delicious!

Scott D.

This place needs to replace their doormen. I'm on a knee scooter due to a broken foot and the guy at the door stops me and says sorry you can't come in here with that and says I have to leave it at the door. Ummm... I was speechless at first. Then I responded ok, are you going to carry me to the bar since I can't walk? He looks at me puzzled, then I say can I speak with a manager. He flags down the mgr in the lobby and of course he says yes I can bring that in, no problem. The rest of the experience was fine, but hopefully they'll use this review to replace the doorman working on February 15th around 12:30am. Took me 2 drinks to calm down, maybe they do it purposely


Self tip deciding service in a standard overcharged hotel bar. Paying cash the staff will not return the exact change, instead you will get a rounded figure. This means that a invoice of 52.50$ payed with 60$ will give you a change of 5$. Then they expect a tip as well. So count your fingers and belongings before you enter.

Steven Welch

This is a great neighborhood bar.  The vibes and décor here is one of a kind!  My favorite low-key place to visit on the weekends.


The orange juice was amazing, I know it sounds funny but it was exceptional. When I commented on it the manager gave me a small glass of grapefruit juice. Instantly I felt as though I was in southern Florida

Sarah Furie

From a nice restaurant, you expect good service and unfortunately we didn't see that here and won't be going back. Apparently if you see something in a photo, it means it could be served on the weekday menu vs. the weekend menu. Also, if you ask to make a substitution or accommodation for an allergy, it was met with some confusion and resistance. Coffee creamer was brought out minutes before the coffee, and when the food was brought out, some was missing, like we waited 5-10 for eggs come out which made the meat cold in the process. Food was cooked well so 2 stars for the chef.

Alexis Amira

Such a good place for brunch! Highly recommend stopping here if you're in Back Bay. great drinks, lovely atmosphere, good menu selection and it's attached to one of the best boutique hotels in Boston.

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