Milk Street Cafe

50 Milk St, Boston
(617) 542-3663

Recent Reviews

Francis Powers

I tried this place once with a friend and I am obsessed ever since. I like the excellent atmosphere and yummy food and beverages. I recommend this place.

Melinda Brewer

cafe food and service at this spot is excellent. a preferred evening place. next time i'll be back with my relatives. the bill was good for what you get. atmosphere is similar to a cafe in san jose i loved.

Paul Goode

The customer service is constantly rapid, fantastic character, kind staff members. Will visit again when I get in town.

John Lewis

The meals and service were ahead of my expectations. We surely liked the vibes of this restaurant. Superb place to take my family out for dinner.

Harel Della Torre

Only kosher meat place in downtown Boston. Food is good.

Bruce Lipsitz

Can I give them six stars?

Jesse Hefter

Great price, delicious food, friendly staff

25 Seconds

Delightful environment and great lunch, but cramped seating and disorganized ques. Otherwise, a clear choice for a modest business lunch

Jason L.

While visiting Boston. I realize that Milk Street Cafe is like one of their chain coffee store like Starbucks. Since DD and Starbucks the line were extra long in the morning. Me and my friend decide to go to a little bit quieter coffee shop and sit there to find some activities to do. They do sell some bakeries good at the cafe. Overall, I would come here again. A little bit more quieter and the food/drink are good as well.

Janie Wiggins

Great cafeteria-style dining, high quality and good price. It's a bonus that it's all kosher, but it seems like it's popular with the general business crowd, not just observant Jews. The sushi counter was very accommodating to my seafood allergy and made me a fresh vegetable roll with clean utensils - I really appreciated that

Aaron Gassman

Kosher food, highest quality. One of the more impressive kosher restaurants I have ever experienced

Meg Kennedy

So delicious! Great atmosphere to read a book, get some work done, or catch up with friends!

David Cohen

Any food selection never disappoints!

Chastity D.

Very disappointed in my most recent visit to Milk Street. I heard they were serving the Impossible Burger, which is made with no animal products for a reason. When I went to grab one, they only had it with cheese on it. I asked for one without cheese, waited for the chef who told me it was too difficult to cook without cheese. I'm incredibly puzzled because it is made to be eaten with absolutely no animal product and if anything, the cheese is the special circumstance. Regardless of other food options, this was handled poorly and I didn't want to go back after this.

Peter Towne

This is a great place for lunch in the city. Quick and easy, and good choices for everyone from soup/salad/sandwiches to sushi.

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