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Paul McGuire

We bought a family dinner for take out at Xmas eve. The eggplant Parmesan and Tiramisu were absolutely wonderful and enough for several days of meals. Thank you and hope you open up again soon (even for takeout)

Kathleen Hegenbart

I hope they reopen soon. The food and ambiance is very nice.

Kathryn T.

Good, upscale dinner spot in Back Bay. Porto has a selection of classic Italian items with a local, fresh twist.

Here what you need to know:
1. Outdoor seating is open with heat lamps.
2. Reservations are recommended.
3. Cocktails are boozy but the taste is pretty average.
4. Portion sizes might be on the smaller end for the larger plates and pastas; while the small plates are well-portioned. (I know, a bit counterintuitive..)
5. Staff is nice and friendly.
6. Everything is sanitized between diners.

If you're looking for a good spot with a lot of outdoor dining room, Porto might be what you're looking for.

Lawrence Malm

Every time I am in Boston I go to Porto! Love this place. Great food and wonderful service. Cant wait to go back! Great job guys!

Isobel Rounovski

Porto has great service, delicious food and an awesome patio for warmer weather. They have vegan options. I hope they can expand their vegan options in the future though. I got the tagliatelle once but was later told their pasta isn’t always vegan..

Nicholas LaPier

had our fist dinner there Saturday night and it was fabulous. very friendly, knowledgeable server, and delicious dinner entres. there are so many choices for fine dining in Boston, and they were rightly included in this catgory.

Hulya K.

Not a great experience. First, we were seated 30 minutes late which is okay (corona times). Ordered a first of brussel sprouts which was great (hence the two stars). However, asked for my Steak Frites with a side of greens as i'm gluten free, and the waiter was super accommodating. However, my steak came with fries. When I told the waiter, he went on to change it, but my food took an additional 30 minutes to be fixed. My steak was very cold. I also asked for it medium rare but it was well over well done. I'm not sure if I'm going to be visiting here anytime soon.

Mu T.

Went back in October and was really looking forward to trying out the place. I understand that the pandemic has been challenging for many restaurants but there is absolutely no excuse for treating people like second class citizens. We reserved outdoor seating for 8:45 and was told that it was not available after waiting outside for fifteen minutes. Fine. Not a big deal. Little did we know, our dining experience would take a turn for the worse.

Our waiter was extremely condescending and rude. He had a take it or leave it attitude when several of our orders were missing or mixed up. Neither the menu nor the waiter pointed out that the branzino WAS NOT DEBONED before we placed the order so one of our dinner guests ended up half heartedly picking away at the dish while the rest of us ate the overpriced and below average food. When we asked if the fish dish was supposed to have bones, he literally just gave us a one word "yes." Service was very slow for us considering most of the other tables (mostly non-minorities) ended getting their food ahead of us.

I don't want to bash a local restaurant in the midst of a pandemic but this experience was beyond the pale. I hope management cleans up their act and until then, let this be a warning to all potential customers who are looking to dine here.

Alexandra M.

Pee covid review: the paella should really say it's for 3-4 people, as it was way to much for 2. We both said we were hungry, got the baked feta to snack on before and there was more than enough for one more person to have had their fill. Highly recommend the baked feta (I'm kind of an expert on it), partly because the pita was really good as well and, they actually gave the correct amount of chips to dip ratio!! Never seen this before in my life

We had 4 drinks as well and all were on point, expect the Manhattan to me had too much vermouth, but my partner liked it a lot

Jim Darv

Great food and drinks with friendly service (even as we showed up minutes before advertised closing) all while enjoying a nice atmosphere.

Andrew Barnes

We thought it was pretty nice. The food tasted good and their service was also pretty good

Stephen A.

I'm truly offended by the bartender, with the blm mask on. I loved the food, but I will never frequent your restaurant again. My uncle was a proud detective for the city of boston for 60 years. I believe that there should be no slogan face mask in any establishment that patrons frequent. Not everyone shares the same views.

Chenchen S.

We were excited to do patio dining, after avoiding dining out for so long. With reservations during prime dinner hour on a weekend, we were seated right now. The tables outside were quite spaced out, and there was hand sanitizers in the middle of the table, both of which were reassuring to our dining experience. The food was respectable. We got the cauliflower and the corn/crab fritelle for our appetizers- both were satisfying but not mind blowing. For our entree's we got the the lobster roll and seared scallops. The scallops were delicious and seared to perfection. However, the portion was a bit small for the price, leaving us wanting more. The lobster roll seemed pretty typical for Boston, nothing extraordinary. Service was decent. Nice ambience. We can see ourselves returning for round 2.

Numbers Madrid

When my friends picked this place I wasn’t sure what I’d think. I’m not a huge seafood person. Let me say I loved it, food was amazing. I got the bolognese, buratta, fried feta and fried calamari. My friends salad, shrimp, skirt steak all looked amazing too. This is a tapas type restaurant. We had several shareable dishes which were all very good. Their mussels with chickpeas and preserved lemon were delicious. This is a place we’ll worth visiting. I will definitely be back.

Joshua Hadfield

Great food drinks and service. Sat outside. Highly recommend

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