Sam LaGrassa's

44 Province St, Boston
(617) 357-6861

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Chez sam, we eat very well in a relaxed atmosphere, the food is simple but very well cooked, I would come back

Laverne Cummerata

Huge portion and delicious sandwiches! I love the pickled too. The sandwiches come nicely wrapped and are still went when they were delivered to my door. Wish they were open during the weekends too

Kent Smith

Unbelievable sandwiches, just finished a corn beef on a braided roll with Swiss and mayo, I been eating here for years being next door in the Jewelers building, if I had to pick a last meal this would be it

Sherry Argov

A+ place. A+ service. The personality of the employees is just as delicious as the food. I have a long time lawyer in Boston and called from California to order a pastrami sandwich from LaGrassa's to deliver to him when he works through lunchtime to get legal work done for me. Was told the pastrami on Rye is amazing and the "spicy brown mustard" is not too spicy-- several people told me these are the best sandwiches in town. Richie on the phone was so, so, so kind and and answered all my questions --so professional --and the delivery was ON TIME. The delivery guy Pablo was great. (Hola Pablo, de aprecio mucho!) I had the food delivered. The doors were locked due to Covid and Pablo called me and made sure he got the food to the right office. I would not hesitate to call this sandwich shop. I have to say that the guys who work there are just as amazing as the food.

Reese Berger

I honestly love the food and service, excellent area right next to my residence. The cashiers are always very kind. Would recommend to others.

Eileen S.

Oh my goodness. The best food, sandwiches ever, I wish It was closer to order every day!!! THE BEST SANDWHICHES IN BOSTON

Alexander M.

This place is an institution in Boston and is definitely worth the hype. I ordered the pastrami/corned beef combo and fries and the sandwich was so delicious. It is freaking huge too! I was so full for the rest of the day. I went in feeling a bit dubious due to everyone saying it is the best place for lunch in downtown Boston but I am now firmly in agreement with this sentiment.The meat in the sandwich was incredibly tender and flavorful. I was surprised by how much meat they pack in there too. I will say that the food is pretty expensive ($16 bucks for a sandwich) but I would say it is worth it, even just to try once. I want to come back and get something else on the excellent menu. Ordering online and picking it up was super easy. Highly recommend Sam LaGrassa's!

Erica R.

For a number of years, I traveled regularly to/from Boston... so I've developed some favorite foodie spots in the city, and Sam LaGrassa's is one of them. Open since 1968, Sam LaGrassa's is a must-visit when in Beantown (they've been at the same location for 50+ years!). The sandwiches are sizable and delicious (made with meat that's prepared in-house on a daily basis), so rest assured you're not going to be left hungry... the deli pickles on the side are, of course, a delightful little addition. (Mmm... pickles...) Also, I've always noted the exceptional service here (efficient at dealing with the line at lunchtime, and always pleasant). These folks have a tried and true system and it shows. It's been a while since my last trip to Boston, so I was having a craving for one of their delicious sandwiches. Besides in-store, takeout, and delivery, Sam LaGrassa's offers catering AND overnight shipping via Goldbelly ( Given my recent Goldbelly kick, I couldn't resist and ordered the Grilled Specialty Sandwich 4 Pack for overnight shipping/delivery. The sandwiches arrived well-packaged (themselves wrapped in foil, and then securely prepared for shipping), and the shipment even included their signature deli pickles! Perfection. You can tell that the folks at Sam LaGrassa's take a lot of pride in the quality of their menu items - from the grilled bread sandwich specials to the vegetarian/vegan offerings or a la carte meat options - as well as ensuring happy customers. I definitely miss visiting in-person (and will certainly get back as soon as I travel to Boston again), but it's great to know that I can expect the same high quality deliciousness when having items delivered as well.

paul p.

Unbelievable sandwiches, just finished a corn beef on a braided roll with Swiss and mayo, I been eating here for years being next door in the Jewelers building, if I had to pick a last meal this would be it

Noah Graham

Me and my sis did a self-guided food tour of Boston, and we started at Sam's. This turned out to be a bad idea, because none of the other places we visited could compare to their incredible pastrami. Wherever we went, we couldn't get it out of our minds. Starting out so strong ruined the tour in the best way possible, but that sandwich was so unforgettable that I forgave them in a heartbeat. We even went back on her last day in town. All joking aside, this place is amazing and I'll be bringing my guests here every time they visit to impress them with my new-found "insider" Boston knowledge.

Wendy Kelley

Best Sandwich I've had in ages!!!Just went in here for the first time and it totally rules. There was a line when I got there but I had my toasted cuban in less than 4 minutes. They were EXTREMELY efficient in getting through the crowd!!The cuban was just delicious. The meats are moist, very flavorful, and plentiful. The bread was delicious and perfectly grilled.The sandwich came served with a fresh pickle spear.I ordered a side of slaw and it truly was the best slaw I've ever had. The cabbage was crisp and thinly sliced. It was sweet but not TOO sweet. It wasn't too bogged down with mayo either.Incidentally, the fresh brewed iced tea was also fantastic - not too bitter (not overbrewed).The sammich, slaw, and drink came to a hefty 13 dollars, but the quality was top notch and I have the other half of the sandwich to eat for dinner tonight. COMPLETELY WORTH IT.HIGHLY recommended.

Risa K.

BEST PASTRAMI SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD. When they say Sam Lagrassa has the best sandwiches, it is no exaggeration. To be honest, I have only had their pastrami sandwiches so I cant speak about others but you should be coming here for the pastrami. It is only open weekday lunches but its usually jam packed in here and for good reason! The sandwiches are expensive at 15 dollars but it is totally worth it. The pastrami is just so tender. Covid Experience: they are open 11 to 2pm Monday through Fridays. They offer limited indoor and outdoor dining. You can order in the store, online, or over the phone. They did a really nice job keeping distance between customers in line and the workers clean the space really well. I ordered by the phone because I kept running into an issue with their online ordering website. The person taking the order was so nice despite the number of modifications I made. I wish I could have given them tip but it was not an option when I paid in the store. I have tried the travelers, chipotle, and the diablo (original and with personal modifications). Even though they are all good (you cant go wrong with this pastrami!) My favorite has to be the diablo. Diablo is saucy and spicy, making it a total flavor bomb. The hot cherry peppers and the onion really cut down on the heaviness. The original sandwich doesnt come grilled but I actually think it tastes better when you ask for it to be grilled. I noticed that the bbq sauce kinda caramelizes, adding another flavor profile. I cannot recommend this enough!!The travelers is for people who may be a little hesitant to try something new. It is a classic sandwich with a little twist. This was my first sandwich I tried and I thought it was amazing until I tried the Diablo. Chipotle is good if you want something light and refreshing with the pastrami. It was pretty good but I dont think I would get it again. The flavor combination wasnt as good as others.

Bill S.

Great sandwiches in downtown Boston. Street parking available? Surely you're not serious..Sam LaGrassa's is a Boston institution, a family run business since 1968. (Seinfeld pause) Worlds number 1 sandwich? You mean numero Uno?? That's a bold claim. I'm not here to debate who has the number 1 sandwich and me being from New York?? I'll be nice and simply say Boston has a kick ass sandwich maker.This place is always slammed, there are crowd control lines but with the town being empty I was able to stroll in and order with ease. All these choices! I don't want a huge, piled high pastrami sandwich. I ask the counter person about the special, The Rachel. I was told it's not a hefty sammy so away we go! I placed my order, paid for my meal and stood in the social distance area. Once called, I walked outside and sat to enjoy my meal.The rye bread served is thickly sliced and once pressed in the panini machine? It's makes it all magical. The pastrami is cooked perfectly and the slaw it's topped with makes the sandwich. Sammy, You rocked my lunch!

Lindsay Bilgen

The best pastrami sandwiches we have ever had!! I’m so glad we tried this place! Thank you to DDD for showing this!!

Justin S.

I've had the chipotle pastrami and the pastrami traveler from here, both are unbelievably delicious sandwiches. Being a Boston local who doesn't work in downtown makes it difficult to come here since they're only open for weekday lunch hours. But if you're just visiting downtown Boston, this is a top tier sandwich shop to stop in for lunch. Hopefully one day I'll be able to try more of the menu!

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