The Barking Crab

88 Sleeper St, Boston
(617) 426-2722

Recent Reviews

Greg Hendricks

Best seafood place I've been to. Fun atmosphere. Be prepared to wait in line to get in but it's well worth it. $$$

Adam Niles

This place is super fun. Great staff and a cool location. Highly recommended. By the way one of the best New England clam chowders I've ever had.

Guy Albertson

Had the crab at the Barking Crab!Great food atmosphere and viewListening to 60,s music over looking the canal doesn’t get much better!

Jonathan Jiménez

Excellent food, but the host guy that was working there on September 6th, 2020 at the night shift should be fired. The guy was very rude and aggressive with a couple that walked in.

Love Julia

lobster mac and cheese had no flavor, small portion, not cheese at all. it was more like, pasta with alfredo sauce. not worth $29. very weak margarita made with old lime.

Mike Bigelow Whooley

Great food and friendly staff.

Monique Prez MoLuv Goodman

Good service and great atmosphere.

Bryant P

Great for seafood! The naked lobster roll is the way to go. The clam fritters are great too. Great for a sunny day in the summer ☀️


Great for seafood! The naked lobster roll is the way to go. The clam fritters are great too. Great for a sunny day in the summer ☀️

Prince Oberoi

Food was great, New England Clambake was good. I took the roasted option for $8.00 more which was good. I do prefer boil only, $60 for the Clambake was much. I'd pay 40 the most as the clams and muscles were mediocre. Lobster was delicious, and drinks were great.

Fiona Dillon

The naked lobster roll was so good!! But full disclosure, I've never had a lobster roll before so I have nothing to compare it to. The beer was good, the line was long but it moved fast. Only complaint was that it was uncomfortably hot under the tent.


It's set up and looks like a basic raw bar , but prices like a high end restaurant!Food was good but pretty much run-of-the-mill raw bar seafood!

Numbers Madrid

First, remember that this is a bar. It’s a pretty chill environment. No hoity, toity. It’s actually pretty refreshing as you sit in what appears to be a rustic setting. There is a sign that says “if you ask us to turn down the music, we will respectfully decline. This is a bar. Trust me, it wasn’t me that asked. The food! Do not hesitate. The food is fresh and delicious. Check out my pictures. This lobster roll had big chunks, in fact a whole piece of claw meat. Absolutely fabulous. Service was quick and servers were friendly in a frenzied kind of way. They were busy. A good sign that people keep coming back to the Barking Crab.

Steve Lipp

Barking Crab certainly is worth a stop while exploring the town's waterfront. I enjoyed a New England Clam Chowder and a Naked Lobster Roll along with a cold one. Very delicious all in all, even though being on the pricier side.There was a line, but went quick as some ordered to go. My waitress was very friendly and swift. Enjoyed my stay. Took home some crab cakes I will enjoy in the evening. I'm sure they're just as delicious as the food I had on site.

Mohamed S. Abdalla

I fell in love with Boston Seafood Scene!I heard The Barking Crab was the quintessential spot for top tier seafood! I went there to try some of their famous lobster rolls and a dozen of clams! This place was amazing the lobster roll was decadent and full with juicy lobster meat. Their twist on “old bay” seasoning took it over the top! The clams were fresh however I did have better clams before. They still had that fishy after taste to them from not being cleaned properly. Nonetheless, this place a star in my book especially with their beautiful scenery and views!

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