The Capital Grille

900 Boylston St, Boston
(617) 262-8900

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Henry Stevenson

Waiter took a little too long to take our order but the food came quickly and was great. I’m not knowledgeable about wine and always ask for suggestions and the Cabernet always got tonight was marvelous


We were not properly dressed and were seated nevertheless, after driving into Boston from Rhode Island. The decor was superb and we loved every bit of the starters, mains and desserts. Wished I had room for another steak! It was capital dining experience indeed!

Maryellen F.

Went to capital grill for our anniversary. Malik took great care of us. Went above and beyond. Champagne and a special dessert. Highly recommend.

Kayla S.

Adnan F. was great! He made my anniversary extra special! I will be retuning to see him again!

Kenny Ducoste

Great atmosphere, great service by the staff, great food. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Lily F.

Came here with a group of friends before watching the fireworks in Boston. I must say I am just as impressed with this location as I was with the one in New York. We all were super satisfied with what we ordered and we have no complaints except it is expensive (but totally worth it). I had the filet mignon and it was good, cooked perfectly just the way I like it. The truffle fries are a must, since I am a truffle freak! The spinach was a good side choice. The calamari was also good.

Jimmy R.

I was very glad Capital grille opened back up during covid. However my visit this time was very mediocre. Appetizer crab and lobster cake is still amazing as usual. I ordered tonight's special bone in filet mignon and my BF ordered the dry aged NY strip, both medium rare. Filet came out well done and NY strip came out medium. I just couldn't eat a well done filet so I waited for the waiter to send it back. This disturbed the dinner flow, so I was eating my steak after my BF was done. Service was a slightly slower as well. Not the overall experience I expected at Capital Grille.

bill earley

Great serviceAlways a fun to eatAwesome crab with a filet

Christine Brown-White

Great customer service which was a plus to the food.

Patrick Wright

As expected everything was absolutely perfect. We arrived 30 minutes early and were accommodated right away. Khalid our server was fantastic and very attentive. Khalid could teach a class on how to treat guests. The food was perfect as always. This place never dissapoints. We traveled 200 miles each way to dine here.

Jay B.

I went to the CG during Restaurant Week. I have been planning to go for years but this was my first chance. Normally, I only go to the CG on special occasions. The prices for the week were lower than other restaurants so I suspected a very cut-back menu and portions but I was amazingly surprised at not only the size but the flavor. I have a New York Sirloin and it was delicious. The potatoes were good, but the creamed spinach was marginal. Can't understand why no one - not CG, not Del Friscos and not Ruth's Chris can't cook creamed spinach. If you can't cook it properly, don't serve it. Provide asparagus instead. In any case, even the bread at CG was excellent, a thoroughly excellent experience and will be happy to go back there again in the near future.

Ceciliana Betancourt

Best experience ever! Adnan was simply the best! It was our first time there, and when we got sat down it was by an middle aged woman who even with the mask, she looked like she did not want to be there. She got us some water and some bread and the way she place the bread bowl on the table was pretty rough, I looked at my boyfriend and said, "not the service I was expecting to receive". Soon after Adnan approached our table in the most kindest and professional way ever and made our day much more enjoyable. I then looked at my boyfriend and said, "now this is the service I was talking about". ? everything was great after that, and the food and drinks were super delicious! Best filet mignon I've ever had! Thank you Adnan!!

Johnson Chu

Amazing mashed potatoes and atmosphere. Servers were initially great but became very slow later in the service. Steak was not cooked well and was just a let down I would not recommend


Fantastic place to go in Boston! I tried a Japanese Restaurant, Uni, and found it was garbage, so I left and went to this place directly.

Bird Eve

4 stars for the food, I love the mashed potato and bone-in stake. -3 starts from the customer service.It’s not a late night, and The waitress who served us trying to rush everything. She didn’t even letting us to finish the ordering, and she just serve the 1 spinach and 1 mashed potato before we even asked for it.And she gave us the check before we finished the main course, so rude. If you are tired, go ask your manager to sign you off from the shift, but never bring the bad attitude on your customers.

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