Troquet on South

107 South St, Boston
(617) 695-9463

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Kristin N.

We went a few weeks ago. We were in town for hubby's 50th birthday and this meal was the first we'd had indoors since Covid began. I was admittedly a bit nervous, but it wasn't crowded and there was plenty of space. Our server/bar tender, Will, truly made the experience. He makes a mean drink and was funny, friendly and just a good guy. We realized that months of take-out was a pale substitute when presented with a hot, fresh dinner roll. We were giddy, it was ridiculous. Every course was delicious after that. Thanks Troquet for so perfectly and safely getting us back to dining in.

Courtney Wetmore

Best service. Best drinks. Best food. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Jeremy Q.

Service was great. The outdoor set up was nice though the plates used were way too big especially for the size of the tables. The fois gras was nice though there cherry sauce was a little heavy handed.The duck was poor .. not tender, chewy and it was a small piece. The steak fritte for my daughter and the duck were both way too salty !! The fries with the steak fritte was extremely salty and the celery salt used was very pronounced. My wife ordered the bass and it was good. I was looking forward to trying Troquet based on a recommendation but overall it was disappointing.

Scott Seddon

Absolutely a spot worth visiting, the food is excellent and fresh, the prices are convenient and it is regularly clean in here. Keep up the good work.

Albert Lee

Troquet is the new home of the Boston exclusive "Speed Dog", which is as good as its mythic status suggests.

T E.

Just an outstanding experience from start to finish. Service was excellent- attentive without being overwhelming, knowledgeable and professional throughout. The food was perfectly cooked and presented. What a gem in the neighborhood- can't wait to return.

RedInk Proclamation

I went for a baby shower and the food was amazing but some guy I am assuming is the manager kept coming outside and staring at our table( he even went and spoke to another table) but just kept staring at our making us all uncomfortable so I finally just left, the rest of the staff was great but won’t be going back specifically because of this guy I have never felt this uncomfortable or unwanted somewhere and I go out to eat weekly, really to bad because food was great

Hu Young Jeong

All the ingredients were so fresh and cooking was on point. Definitely one of the best French restaurants in the region. We also loved the friendly and attentive service.

Paul F.

I was at Troquet on South today for lunch and enjoyed it very much. They are on the shade side of the street and it was very nice eating outside. I had the Speed's hotdog and it was excellent. My wife had the wedge salad with chicken and she liked it very much. Both were excellent!! The waitress was also very nice and I would definitely go back.

Samuel Whaley

Definitely a place worth trying, the food is awesome and fresh, the rates are affordable and it is consistently neat there. Great work.

Philip Nowak

I visit this great restaurant many times a year! This is my favorite spot to grab a bite. I go there regularly. The meals are of high quality, the crew is polite and the rates are affordable. I enjoy being in this spot to have a rich meal.

Brenda Flynn

Absolutely superb meal here! We did the seven course tasting menu, and it was one of the finest classical French experiences I've ever had, including eating in France. It was all superb, but their Amish rabbit was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Highly recommend!!

William Ferrell

This spot clearly knows how to treat their customers. Constantly with a very nice demeanor. The food is affordably priced, constantly delicious and clean.

David F.

Simply put: this is not fine dining. Had the 7-course chef's tasting selection. Our waiter was either inexperienced or checked out, but offered little insight into the tasting menu, liqueur available, or anything else. The food was adequate, though nothing special. Multiple uses of foams, each of which was nearly tasteless. My small piece of lobster was undercooked, which is a sin. I order steak and pork medium-rare, but chicken and shellfish shouldn't get the same treatment. With only a few hanging pictures and little else, the dining room lacks character. Similarly, the restaurant manager was dressed like he was going to run errands and not like someone in charge of a fine dining establishment. I don't have an issue with paying $350+ for two people for a satisfying culinary experience, we just didn't have it.

Jeannine M.

The food was excellent. Fresh oysters, and all the best wine to select from. The service was excellent and attentive. The cheeses were so delicious. Everything was fantastic and they have valet parking to make it easy. Total recommendation,

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