Pikalo Empanadas

241 Broadway, Lawrence
(978) 655-1966

Recent Reviews

Shane Knopf

Outstanding. Great value. Amazing Cuban sandwich. Everything tasted fresh and authentic. I’m definitely going to try the other locations that are closer me. Very impressed.

Joseph maina

They make very delicious empanadas

Sarah G.

Yummy! I liked the chicken one the best of the three I got: a beef, a veggie, and a chicken. Each came with its individual sauce which was a teensy bit spicy for those who don't like spicy. Most of them had a good ratio of dough to filling. It was a nice intro to Pikalo and I'm definitely interested in trying some of their other empanadas and sandwiches.

Metro Partners Corp 1789 XCHANGE

Those empanadas are bigger than anyone hands. We and the kids loved it.

Mariangely Medina

I'm giving you guys one star because whenever we order something, they always give us something different. Please hire someone who knows how to take orders. This is going to be the last time I'm ordering from here this month and for the rest of my life.

denisse D

This place you call and they always have an attitude always something missing in order when it’s not the juice dripping is something else last time I will order from this place

Robert Reyes

I love their Empanadas!!! Such great food

Crystal “Cici” w.

Delivery sucks but when you eat the food right away it's amazing

David Grieco

Food great service sucks and you will wait almost an hour for a sandwich so just keep that in mind when u go there

Crystal w.

Delivery sucks but when you eat the food right away it's amazing

Risolys Rodriguez

Love it ? ?

Luis Polanco

Best empanadas, and the best juice ever in Lawrence, MA. No doubt about it.

Paul Nolet

Best empanadas I have ever had .The dough is tasty as well as the fillings I had the lobster one and plain chicken and tried chicken and cheese all were amazing!

Joe Dechario

One of my top Lawrence spots! The Cuban sandwich is amazing. And I love the empanadas - of which there’s a good selection too. The fries are soooo good. Not sure how they make them, but I’ve never had anything like them anywhere else. Don’t forget to get a side of mayoketchup!

Eazy Da God

WOW‼️ the best

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