Chantey At Marina Bay

333 Victory Rd, Quincy
(617) 847-4215

Recent Reviews

Tyler D

Stopped into this bar last night with my girlfriend and was greeted by a friendly doorman who asked for our IDs, he noticed they were out of state and had to hand them off to someone else to "check them". I had to stand there for close to 10 minutes until I asked politely to have our IDs back because it was getting ridiculous. The big shot official "ID checker" returned to say "I can't let you in with this ID, it's definitely fake and I shouldn't even give this back to you"... Not only is my ID real, I'm in my 30s and I'm in the Boston area because my dad has been in the hospital here for several weeks now. The fact that I had to wait for 10 minutes and then have to beg to get my state issued ID back was absolutely the most unprofessional and insulting thing I've experienced at any bar. Whomever this "ID checker" is, obviously has no experience and shouldn't be in that position. I'll also add that he ripped up the corner on my ID which will probably lead me to paying $$ for a new one and a DMV visit back home. I deserve an apology at the very least

Rod Kampf

The teriyaki salmon was delicious we ate outside under the tent, the service was excellent and friendly

Wendy Kelly

We sat out on the patio as I always prefer to dine outside. They have a great tent over the tables. Our server was great. Big smile every time he came to our table in spite of how busy he was. My friend and I both ordered dishes he recommended; Steak Tips and the Quinoa Bowl. They were delicious! A fun casual place to eat full of animated diners, reasonable prices and great service.

Aimee McElroy

Excellent service and great dining experience!

Christine Pratt

I had a great time with friends, the food was good I had a clam plate with frys and cold slaw, our waitress was very nice.

Rich Sheridan

Great food, great service, great people

C Els

Olde standby in marina bay. Go here to shlep the drafts.

Siobhan Jackson

Had a lovely meal with my girlfriends can't wait for our next night out!


Good food and extremely convenient after a day at sea.

Shandolyn C.

The food and the service left much to be desired... Bug in my drink, soggy calamari, tasteless rice pilaf. I will say the salmon and the side salad was good! Drink was cheap well liquor. Won't be coming back

Erin Quigley

Great food great atmosphere and the best staff

Meliss P.

Spicy Watermelon Margarita was delish after I had a Raspberry Stoli wonderful . Waitress was super kind . Can wait to go back .

Fredo S.

Everything was really good. My Buffalo chicken pizza was delicious, there homemade blue cheese is official. The wife said the fish tacos were on point as well as her strawberry frozen margarita. My pink lemonade was one of a kind, I'll definitely be back!

Chrissy T.

The service was amazing! Spot on but girllll i do not want to be surrounded by racists karens. I literally had a weird encounter trying to go to the bathroom and karen blocked my way bc she was talking to a friend and acted like i just took her spot in line for the br? Anyways the calamari was the best thing we ordered. Yummy mango salsa. I need that recipe!! Ordered the chantey burger and they used stale ass buns lol. The drinks were great! Wished there was a view of the water but we were enclosed by wooden boards. Would just come for drinks and apps perhaps...

Shannon M.

Although the food was quite good and the service was great, I made the mistake of bringing my grandmother here. The environment was NSFE (not suitable for the elderly). The music was at times vulgar (ex. "Broccoli" by Lil Yachty) and the volume was not conducive to conversation. In addition to the music, the patrons were also a bit over the top - bad language, yelling, etc. All this is to say that it's a great place for young people! Great drinks, vibes, etc., just not in my grandmother's opinion. The fish tacos were excellent, just a smidge too heavy on the lettuce. Likewise, great calamari, but too heavy on the mango salsa. Overall an awesome spot.

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