Crown Royal Cafe

11 Brook St, Quincy
(617) 845-5148

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kato lee

I order beef and Chinese broccoli chow fun. The beef look old is not fresh

Ellie L.

I enjoy the bakery at this place. And have been going here for years. This is my first time ordering a cake. When called to order this cake on the phone. The lady mentioned "we haven't made this cake in a while" I wish I caught on to that red flag. The cake looks nothing like the pandan cake I'm used too. It looks like they use the regular frosting that they on the fruit cake and put in some pandan extract. The texture and everything of the pandan frosting was so off. The cake was not bad but the durian layer... they mixed durian with frosting to make the durian layer so that way they can cut back on the durian. So when you bite into it. You don't really get that crunch of freshness which I love about the original cake. I really wish when I called to order they woulda just told me they no long make this cake and gave me other options inside of trying to make a cake they did not know how to make. They must have change owners or workers or something.

Kelly Lin

Please make sure check your bread before leaving the place, they sell moldy bread. It seems like it was sitting on the shelve for a few days.

Kelly L

Please make sure check your bread before leaving the place, they sell moldy bread. It seems like it was sitting on the shelve for a few days.

Ms E.

I came here because of a referral and they had a cake I bought and it was old. It tasted horrible. The fruit was fermenting. I won't be coming back and you shouldn't either.

Kaitlyn Vong

Check your bread before you leave the store. My bread was very hard. Seems like it left there for a long time. Coconut taste very nasty. Will not go there no more

Yi Wang

I ordered lemon iced tea. First, the lady didnt wear mask when I stepped in. Then after I ordered she put used mask on and started to take out the lemon from the original packaging. Are you supposed to wash your hand or wear gloves before you touch after touch used Mask? I told her can you wash your lemon before cur it. No response.She started to cut it without washing it. No comments. Paid for my drink that I am going to throw it to trash can.


Best Salt and Pepper wings around.

Julie K.

I enjoy takeout from here. We call ahead and the food is always ready. Great service and overall experiences.


Best Salt and Pepper wings around.

George Chin

Great Chinese bakery good cakes and good Chinese baked goods a hidden treasure.


I reserved a birthday cake on 9 am to take out. When I arrive there at 9:50 they were still making that. And no knives or plates for your cake only the forks

Sharon T.

I have ordered from this cafe a couple times since it's nearby me. Today I ordered BBQ over rice, Hong Kong style chow mein, Chinese style steak over rice. All three dishes are below average, rice was dry and undercooked, steak didn't taste fresh and the chow mein sauce was full of msg. This place is going downhill since it's new ownership.


Great little Chinese Bakery I like their Red Bean Buns


Yummy Chinese food

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