Domino's Pizza

225 Quincy Ave, Quincy
(617) 328-6801

Recent Reviews

Casey O'bryan

Easy online order. Loved the tracking app and the delivery was timely. Food was decent, as expected.

Tracy Poirier

I ordered carry out. Got pizza and boneless chicken. The pizza was good but the chicken was a waste of money. 8 small pieces isn’t worth the 5.99 they charge you. Will not order the chicken again

Paul Vincenzo

DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! AVOID THIS LOCATION AT ALL COSTS:I originally ordered a pepperoni pizza hand tossed and they delivered a paper thin crust ham pizza and then argued with me about it when I called in (which took them 10 minutes to answer). Got a “free pizza” cause they said MARIA CLARA did a mistake….I tried out the free pizza coupon and had again ordered a pizza but this time I had half pepperoni and half pineapple. I also had ordered a chicken bacon ranch sandwich. Know what they did? They delivered a pizza that was burnt, and had pepperoni and chicken, and they placed the pineapple into the sandwich and removed the chicken. Guess who did that again….. MARIA CLARA again….Got yet ANOTHER free pizza cause of this but they said they would verbally do one with me so I don’t go to another location. All I got was an order I NEVER EVEN GOT. delivery driver by the name of MOHAMMAD delivered it on top of a “blue mail box” next to a trash can cause he said he can’t go anywhere nearer to the door than the curb.I think this location is an absolute JOKE, this is not a business delivering pizza for dominos cause they can’t MAKE PIZZA OR ORDERS or even DELIVER to the right place.

piyush tiwari

I made the mistake of ordering from this center.They did not bake the pizza properly. The pizza was half cooked the sauce is not cooked properly

Jackson S.

I am a medical professional at one of boston hospital i order a pizza today 09/02/2021 and when i took my pizza home for my wife and my little princess whom i have not seen for over 10 hours i am so tired and it was my very first time in quincy dominos my expectation was that everyone would be wearing gloves and mask that was not the case and i order a pizza and specifically said please don't add sauce because my little one cant eat tomato i had to trow the pizza away so sad i will never visit this pizza shop again no one care i was a first responder no one care about peoples health i will tell all my team in the hospitals to be aware of this pizza shop so sad my little one i promise her a pizza had to spent more money else were so sad not a fan off quincy dominos pizza and it was my first time here

Cindy Nguyen

The pasta was very little … I moved it a little to show how it was burnt on the bottom and there is barely anything in the plate . Looks a lot in picture but when you actually eat it u will be like omg wow it covers the whole plate yes but that’s basically it. It is only at this location. In Boston they give you more

Doctor Lazor

They are the best around! Always hot and fresh!!! Trust me I’m a doctor. I love pizza!!!

Hugo Riddel

Took way to long. After it was ready they had me wait an extra 10 min because they made a mistake!

Jolene Maggiore (Tangherlini)

I call Domino's at least once a week! They always make my food perfectly, and it arrives fast and hot. When I'm tired and hungry after work and my family is looking at me for dinner, Domino's has my back.

Somya Saxena

Good service, well delivered and accurately made.

Sreekanth Ch

Very tasty, very quick and good service. But they have not given any seasonings along with pizza. Do we need to ask for that?

Priscilla Chiu

Service is terrible!!! Quality of food could be 10x better. If there was another domino’s in the area this one would not see me!!!

Welton Teixeira

This is the first pizza place that Ive ordered from that delivers a buffalo chicken pizza without a blue cheese

Nihal Rao Chepyala

Very bad delivery experience. The driver driver took way longer than the delivery time and missed out the main item in the order.

Mary Smith

This location is awesome. Fast delivery, orders always correct, delivery drivers are so nice. Bin Bin is the man!!!!

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