Pho Countryside

217 Quincy Ave, Quincy
(617) 328-8831

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eliseo hernandez

Food was very good. Service was a little slow and food was a bit pricey.

Miguel F Flores Cora

Very friendly, nice clean restaurant

C L.

The food here is super yummy, very reminiscent of home cooking. We got the I-5 (a pork chop and rice dish) and the D-11 pho bowl. The I-5 was delicious, with the tofu skin being super crispy and the pork chop seasoned with the perfect amount of spices. The only downsides were the tofu skin was a little too peppery (I think because of the shrimp paste interior) and the pork chop was a little bit dry. They provided a sauce to pour over the rice (a fish sauce mix) and it complimented the rice, pork chop, and veggies perfectly. Overall the food here is great if you want a taste of Asian home cooking at a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

Whitney Adrien

This pho place is so modern, clean and cute ! Service was so fast. Everything we ordered was good ! Definitely would come back

Viv X

It’s just the average Vietnamese food, good portion.

Reef E

Custome service and food was great. A little on the expensive side but I get it with the increase in pricing and pandemic shutting many of these places down its understandable.

Laynie86 ..

Amazing will be back...service was quick food was hot and omg the smoothies was amazing...

Wing S.

This is the best pho restaurant I've ever eaten at. I order a XL special beef combination pho noodle soup it tastes delicious and huge the only time I have eaten a pho noodle soup that will fill me up out.

Bibimbap B.

The food here is deserving of a four star review at least. I decided to order the I7 rice plate and was surprised at how much flavor was packed into every bite of meat. The shrimp paste somehow steals the spotlight away though being crispy but chewy at the same time. The Thai tea was also the perfect amount of sweet and really refreshing. The reason this gets a 3 star review though is because the ordering process was extremely frustrating with me having to repeat my order multiple times. The lady on the phone was rude and somehow forgot the one rice plate I ordered. This is really disappointing because I love the food but service is an important part of any restaurant.

Tristan V.

Second time ordering the catfish sour soup, which was disappointing because the first time was much better. Missing quite a lot of veggies that are supposed to be in the soup, including the necessary herbs; so the flavor was very off! The caramelized claypot fish was so sweet this time as well. Wondering if the food from this restaurant will be "a hit or miss" case scenario depending on their cook(s)?

Bob Reid

Very Tasty! If you've never tried it your missing out!

Phoenix Y.

This place has become a total disappointment, avoid if possible. My family and I have eaten at this place for a few years pre-covid and getting take-out a few times during Covid. It has never been great but decent enough as a go-to place for viet food. A few weeks ago I ordered 2 porkchop rice (com suon nuong) after a long day and being stuck in traffic, I was looking forward to eating it , but to my dismay and utter disappointment, the porkchop was not fully cooked thru on both orders, some parts were still rare. When I called to inform them of the issues, the lady manager asked if I could send her pictures so she can show the kitchen staff, which I did eventhough I shouldn't have to. She asked if I could bring it back , but after a long day, traffic , and total turn-off , I told her I wouldn't be back for a while and to put in a credit until I go back in a few weeks/month. A few days ago, my family decided to order take out again from them, I did not want to tell them about my credit until I get there but the guy on the phone said since it's a big order (~$120) he wanted me to pay for it first. I hesitantly had to tell him about my credit and not to worry about not being paid. He then said why I didn't mention the credit first ? Why should it matter in terms of payment?? I didn't want to tell them ahead of time because I was afraid of what would happen. Well, my fears came true. They freaking cooked the porkchop to death! It was not only a lot thinner , it was overfried so it came out like pork jerky. The 2 orders of dau hu ky we got were also overfried that it was very dry and tasted like yesterday's left overs . They really do not care for repeat customers. I will definitely never go back and will let all my friends and family know to avoid.

Sara Adgate

Food is good but staff is rude. Kicked us out of the restaurant. They should update hours of operation online so that this uncomfortable experience would be avoided.

Sam Green

I've been coming here for close to 10 years and they're one of the best pho spots in the Boston area. Fantastic pho, bun rieu, spring rolls - I've never been disappointed. I haven't dined in since COVID, but when I did they had great service too. I do not understand the relatively low reviews on here because this place is a gem!

Lục Vtch

All the dishes in this restaurant are delicious, but too poor quality to order to go. because they use paper boxes for the noodles to go,so that why make the food not delicious.

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