Grilled Cheese & Co. Catonsville

500 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville
(410) 747-2610

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Bi-Ris RiseNshine Doggett

This is great date spot and place to get a comforting meal for the soul!

Ray Syed

Soggy fries, sandwich looked over done, too crusty and crunchy along the sides. The shoe string fries were hard. Not impressed for our first time visit.

Alec Taylor

They have great food, good prices, and very friendly staff. I can't wait to go back.

Shelton Richardson

First time visiting today and I loved the food here!! The sandwiches and the Tomato Basil Soup are out of this world!! This place is now bookmarked on my phone; I'll definitely return! [Great service too!]

Shara B.

We passed by after leaving BWI-decided to stop in and I'm so glad we did! Parmesan Chicken Sandwich and Philly Sandwich was sooo good! Sandwiches are very large!

Nicole Simpson

delightful and delicious! a family favorite!


Great sandwich. Absolutely love this place.

J Simpson

My food was delicious, hot, and fresh and great customer service. As first time customers my family and I were impressed. Have you thought about expanding into the Prince George’s County area?

Richard Efthim

Delicious sandwiches! Tomato bisque soup is a perfect accompaniment. The sandwiches are large. Might be enough for two light appetites.

Laura Prinn

Great food, friendly service, and amazing opportunity for non-profit fundraising. This was the second one for my church, St. John's Grace UCC in Catonsville.

Denise Hoffman

Delicious sandwiches and extras (the sweet potato fries are so good). May favorite is the Crabby Melt. Friendly service. Orders are always accurate. Best eaten right away - we've done take-out where we had to eat the sandwiches 20 minutes later. . . still very tasty, but not the same as when they're right off the - whatever they cook them on - grill/press/pan.

Matthew Trimas

This was recommended by person I'm dating and holy cow is this place awesome. The French fries alone are top 3 best I've ever had. I got the chicken Chesapeake sandwich. Sandwich was OK, couldn't really taste the chicken too much maybe not a lot on there. Definitely want to come try more sandwiches though.

Kalimah Yusuf

Absolutely delicious! I ordered for the first time this month and I just made my third order. Sorry that I always eat the food before even thinking about a picture. Delicious food!

Henry K.

I absolutely love this place. Even when they have issues with being out of fries (like today), or the soda machine not working, it's not a big deal. Why you ask? Because the food amazing. I've made it a goal to try everything on the menu, I've made it though half. Since I come up this way for school a lot, I try them for lunch once while I'm here. I love this place!

Big Schlim F.

Grilled cheese anyone? No hold up, wait a min...I know I know..."I can make a bomb grilled cheese at home" is probably what you're saying!! You're absolutely correct!! It's nothing to butter up a skillet, slap some cheese in between some bread, and've got a nostalgic sandwich. Sooo what does a grilled cheese from a spot that specializes in grilled cheese taste like? This is where @grilledcheeseandco comes in!! We ventured out to 500 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville M.D and found a storefront oddly placed on a corner before a major thoroughfare. The aroma of bread and cheese being cooked while walking to the door took me back to childhood. How many kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches can they have I asked items include their BCT (Bacon, cheddar, and tomato $8.49), The Philly (thinly sliced steak, fire roasted peppers and onions, with a blend of provolone and American cheese $8.99), and The Veggie delight (Havarti cheese with a medley of roasted veggies, olive tapenade, finished with avocdoaioli, on harvest wheat bread $8.49). We chose their trademarked Crabby Melt (pictured-Crab meat with Monterey Jack cheese $10), The Original (pictured-a grilled American cheese sandwich $5), and from their underground menu The All Cheesed Out (pictured-American, cheddar, Swiss, provolone, havarti and Monterey Jack $9.49), their rustic tomato soup, their Chesapeake crab soup, and a order of sweet potato fries!! EVERYTHING was delicious!! I ate half of a sandwich, a couple fries, and some soup...I was full. The Crab Melt is the sandwich you'll make a second trip for. Fresh crab meat with buttery melted cheese!! The All cheese sandwich was rich, and savory in taste. The soups y'all...the soups and the fries were on point as well...Geesh!! You tasted every ingredient in the soups, it made the soups important!! Customer service wasn't bad, it wasn't exceptional, it was tolerable. There was plenty of parking as well. I'm going back soon!! That's it!! **This establishment is Covid compliant**

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Grilled Cheese & Co. Catonsville

500 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 747-2610