Jennings Cafe

808 Frederick Rd, Catonsville
(410) 744-3824

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John Scavilla

Great old bay wings. Good drinks. Good service. Will go back.

Susan Dennison

Really enjoyed outside seating. Husband was quite impressed with oyster appetizer and hot roast beef and mashed potatoes. My cream of crab was very salty and the chicken pot pie wasn't the traditional pot pie I have always eaten. Despite that, I would go again but order something else.

Jeff Kunce

Second time here. Food is good. Outside dining area is nice haven from the hustle & bustle. The servers do seem to forget about you if you're outside, though.

Hope Marie

Amazing food. Nice atmosphere. Highly recommend the burgers, fries, salads, and crab cakes.

dulanyemz29 *

Delicious French onion soup so good I grew up going to that restaurant great food drinks and service

Latanya Hall

Its a nice bar.. staff is over worked especially during their oyster festival... including the kitchen.. I wish I could have ordered food but I felt bad because I was using the same door the waiters and the staff have to use to serve tables outside to get outside. Other then that the atmosphere was friendly and this bar had good hospitality


We were disappointed with our experience. The food we ordered came to the table cold. We asked that one dish, the Hot roast beef sandwich be taken back as it was too cold. The waitress brought it back heated up but it had clearly been microwaved so it lost the taste and was dried out. We ate the other meals which were room temperature.

Allison Albert

No matter what any other review says, Jennings is a family-owned place where everyone truly knows your name. It’s really got heart. Kevin is an amazing manager who will bend over backwards to make your experience a good one. Steve, the owner, cares about his business and really wants to positively contribute to the community. Bartenders Dan and Heather make great drinks and - if you come enough - will memorize your “usual” and make it *just right* every time. Bar back Greg will always greet you with a big smile and a “hey, how’s it going.” Chef Carl will always grumpily stand in the corner watching customer’s reactions to his latest culinary creation (and his food is always delish)… Things might not be 100% perfect every time, but my husband and I love Jennings and will forever be faithful to a local gem. Give it a good old try and pat yourself on the back because that this is the epitome of supporting a local business.

Hillery B.

Holy crap, why didn't I read the reviews before Uber Eating from this place! I ordered 4 items they were all problematic. 1. Chicken livers, they were done just the way I like them, thank God I had hot sauce at home because the crap they sent with it was literally cocktail sauce. Spicy sauce my butt. 2.Crab Dip - Horrible, they used some kind of melty cheese and an abundance of cream cheese. I think they may have sprinkled a few crab flakes in it and used no seasoning whatssoever. There was a ton of pretzel bites along with the celery tho. Disappointing. Maybe I can find a way to add shrimp and old bay to make it palatable. 3. The Reuban - Was ok, but I think they either left off the thousand island or put a squirt on it because I couldn't taste it. Probably left it off by mistake. It was toasted pretty well......UHHHH, I was just hoping for one meal to be done right. 4. The bread pudding - most disappointing.....If I can add a picture I will. There was no moisture in it whatsoever. I will have to somehow doctor it up because the thing was like $7. Maybe heating it back up and slamming the ice cream on it might help. Altogether disappointing. I have passed by that place so many times and decided to try it. Well, curiosity.........unsatisfied.

scott spice

Great food, friendly staff, reasonable prices.

Joe Pautler

My wife and I really enjoy Jennings. Their menu makes it hard to choose because everything is so good. My favorites are the mai tai wings and the crab cakes. The space itself is really nice too and prices are fair.

Sam B.

The nachos are TERRIBLE!!!! You get a ton of chip with little bit of cheese on top. The salsa and sour cream came in small condiment cups. Once you eat the few chips that have cheese on it.... It's a wrap! The mixed drinks taste like kool aid!!!!

Reid Schoenfelder


Lori Hardesty

Food was fair at best.. definately not worth the money!!! Service was poor, it was the obvious that the waitress was irritated by having to wait on us

Laura Humphries

We stopped in for a quick late bite and the food was solid - I had an awesome burger and the service was pretty good, nice people. It's a laid back dive sort of vibe, which I like. No frills but good menu choices and the place is very clean from what we saw. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that we got an order of nachos that didn't have very much cheese on it for the amount of chips, and quite a few of the chips were broken in small pieces like it was the bottom of the bag - so I found it to be a waste of money for that app. But everything else we got was good. I would go back to try again and would recommend the place.

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