sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt

852 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville
(410) 744-7609

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If I could give them 0 I would. Told me there was a $5 fill up and then charged me over $40 for 3 cups. No response when I contacted them. I can see they care so much..........

Howard Fischer

I can never walk into the store without being asked for money by a homeless guy who always sits by the front door. However, the ice cream is good.

Nina Crosby

Was mortified that I have been a customer for some yrs and today I went in there filled my cup and realized that they don’t take Apple Pay . I mean get with the times it’s 2021. So many companies have came on board in a time where people are more and more not carrying cash or bank cards. So it was embarrassing that my own personal cup had to be emptied and returned to me. No compassion shown I will NOT RETURN

Karen Rose

Great having sweet frog with the kids!

Michele Davis

Great family atmosphere, friendly staff.

Natosha Thomas

One of the treats about Sweet Frog Is that people can choose their own flavors and toppings!

Red Pandas

Don’t miss this treat & grab something sweet!

Onassis Kent

Everything is delicious and the staff are very professional and friendly. I also love the measures put in place to remain Covid safe

Anthony S.

St Agnes School was having a fund raiser night at Sweet Frog and one of our sons asked to go. I've never given the place a thought even though it is literally a 5 minute drive from our home. So a fund raiser for his school, why not give it a try? I planned to just take the boys but my wife said "without me?! Oh hell no!", so it was a family outing lol. I guess I just thought, "frozen yogurt, how special could it be?". But once I got into the place, wow, flavors galore. Wanna add Oreo cookie crumbles, cheesecake bites or gummy bears, they have whatever your heart desires. I opted for sweet coconut and banana mix with cheesecake bites and cookie dough toppings. After digging in I just knew, "yea, I'd prefer this over ice cream". It's really delicious, I could not believe it. I mean I'm not a big yogurt guy and maybe I was expecting dull flavors but no sir, it was happiness dancing on my tongue. The staff was helpful and kind, gotta appreciate the hand sanitizer and gloves for extra safety. I'm sure we will be back, it's looking like the summer will be a scorcher.

Deanna D.

Myself and my foodie family of four visited Sweet Frog last week to support my son's school fundraiser. I had never tried Sweet Frog, for frozen yogurt for that matter, so what better time to support our school and try a new food. One thing I can tell you is that they definitely lives up to the hype! First, they are taking Covid precautions seriously. Since you retrieve you own yogurt, you have to put on gloves to pour it into the cup. This helps keeps the handles clean and takes of the pressure off of the staff for having to repeatedly clean after each customer. There are also plastic shields over the topping and in front of the cashier station. There are tons of yogurt flavors to choose from and just as many toppings. Be careful though, they weigh each cup so you will end up paying more if you load your cup to the brim. The frozen yogurt was very fresh and tasted amazing. The toppings were as well. I can see myself returning back to Sweet Frog in the very near future!

Porsche High

Employee was friendly. Greeted me when I entered. They had sanitizer and gloves to use at the front door. They have signs posted about Covid as well as PPE in place. It was the end of the night and trash was over flowing. However, overall cleanliness was good and product was fresh.

Monica Lajuana

I took my daughters here for a frozen yogurt Mom/ daughter date. This was my first time visiting this cutesy place. Pink and green surrounding the entire place. My girls ran to pick their favorite frozen yogurt while I browsed the various toppings.One picked a waffle cone and the other a small cup. I felt the waffle cone was a deal being $5. You can put whatever toppings you want on your yogurt. Various flavors to chose from.It wasn't crowded and no line at all. I loved my experience. I also checked in and you receive a 20% coupon to use for Yelping! AwesomeI will definitely return with my family for more frozen yogurt!


Good morning, I wanted to pass on my info to you. I plan on posting this and more on Facebook and other public sites. I broke down coming into your 40 west shopping center 2/8/21 around 5 pm. The police told me to park in the spots facing rolling road. They pushed me into the spot. I walked over to Shell station attached to the parking lot and gave them a service order to repair my car. Shell called me this morning and told me my car was gone. I knew no one stole it, the axel was broken. I called the police and towing company you partner with. They had my car and it cost me 310 dollars to ger it back. I use the stores in this shopping center all the time. I bank at Bank of America, get my hair cut in that shopping center. I have been to AIT for physical therapy muti times. I bring the kids around to leap frog, Starbucks, and have had many messaged in the Asian not to menacing Hmart. I will never shop in any shopping center you own. The practice of towing a car who is broken down is bad but by a company who charges 310 dollars to tow your car 6 miles should be a crime. I hope they give you a cut. Thank you

Julian Stamerro

One of my favorites of the many chain froyo places. They price by weight and it's a little expensive, as most froyo places are, but not the worst. They have great chocolate yogurt (sometimes banana and chocolate!) and done awesome nutella sauce.

Deborah Montgomery

I had not been here since COVID. They require that you use hand sanitizer before serving your own frozen yogurt. There is a shield over the toppings, and an employee gives toppings. I was impressed that they offered to get any topping from the back when I mentioned food allergies (so no risk of cross-contamination). We enjoyed the selection of flavors. There was even a dairy free flavor, and several marked gluten-free.There were 2 downsides to our experience- 1) it's a bit pricey just for frozen yogurt ($10 for 2 smalls, not even filled up. 1 had no toppings, and 1 had 1 topping). 2)there was a panhandler right at the door of the store

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