7812 Wise Ave, Dundalk
(410) 284-2722

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Kelly S.

When I ordered a dozen of large crabs I was told they were 6.5 to 7 inches, well they lied. I called to complain and the woman was very rude. I was charged for large crabs and got medium. Check your crabs before you get ripped off too.


This is the worst place I have ever experienced. I saw the owner flinging food in the kitchen with a staff member. They were handing my food with no gloves and no mask on. I had to speak up and say something, they rolled their eyes and put a mask and gloves on WITHOUT washing their hands. There was also a protest of some sort going on in front of their establishment. People were holding up signs saying they were a racist. I never knew. When I got home 15mins after picking up my crabs they were cold. Frustrated I decided to look on the Internet to see what the protestors where chanting about. What I saw that the owners said about black people were VERY racist. I’m sorry I spent my money there. I called them to ask them why they said those racist things and they yelled at me and hung up the phone. I didn’t even have a chance to tell them my food was cold and gross. I won’t be going back! Nasty food bad customer service!!!

calandra james

Awsome service and food!

Nikki Hill

Great service, good food, customer service off the chain , Maryland crab ,5 stars

Rick Goswellen

We came from the other side of town to buy crab cakes and soup, only to find your store closed. We arrived at 5:45 and you were closed. I thought your hours for Sunday were 11-7. After reading reviews for your crab soup I'm glad you were closed.

Brook Lambert

I got the pound of steamed shrimp, they were decent although some of them were mushy and felt like i was eating cottage cheese. The crab soup should be called vegetable soup because there was less than a tablespoon of meat in it. My mom got the crab cake sandwich which was pretty much just filler with hardly any meat. The girls working there are clueless too. They swore the soup was in our bag but it wasn’t, we had to go back inside and get it only to find out they microwave it. I’m disappointed.

Edwin Ruth

I used to live in Dundalk and get crabcakes and crabs there. I am now living in Tn. and wish we had something close to what you have.Man do I long for a large lump cake and a dozen crabs yours was always the best.

Arthur Pugh Jr.

Best crab meat around and rest of menu is great

Tonya Keene

I love the variety they offer and year round crabs. Never have been disappointed with the food or service.

Barbara Bentley

there crabs are Awesome and steam shrimp are there cream of crab soup

Josh Mills

Nice people great crabs and crab pretzels

dhowdhjwpevzhemdnksidnkejjjssk Brooks

I love the hospitality the service the crabs are awesome. Their butter is best I've had yet. I love everything about this place.

Michael DeWitt

On Wednesday they have crab pretzels for five bucks and they are

Ang B.

Love them and the fact that you can get reward points for every purchase! This is def one of my fav crab spots and highly recommended!!

Lois Ann Bouldin

I love Vinces Crabs. Their crabs are the best!! I just tried their Crab Imperial & it was delicious!! I rave about Vinces crabs all the time. Have my neighbor a lover of Vinces crabs now too! Thank you Vinces for having a place close to my home. Vinces has earned every one of the 5 stars I've given them!!

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