Olympia Masala

7643 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 426-1324

Recent Reviews

Storm Alexus

So far my orders have been great slice of pizzas be big and good I hardly like pizza in Baltimore cheese burgers are super good cheese steaks my bf had the Parmesan chicken sub and he said 10/10 this place is next door to my job so super convenient

Jay Willet-Cruz

This place is a good place to get a cheeseburger sub or a cheese steak sub. The place is clean and they are very efficient. Great takeout place.

Haris Auto Center I.

Everytime I order something on line from here they get my order wrong, and when I call them they get an attitute with me. More then half of the time they have to resend the order and the food looks aweful. I had it with this place, and I'll never purchase anything from them again.

Mark MDS

This place has some of the best subs in NE Baltimore. I'm a big fan of an Italian subs and I think they have one of the best. I ??never get tired of it.

Shawn Flanagan

I'm always pleased with the food and the service was good as well..

Bobby Pic

This is my lady friend's favorite restaurant. She can't wait to get the food from this place. One time even the order had a little bit of a mistake and the owner took the time to listen to exactly how she wanted it to be done. You don't get that sort of service from anywhere in the area. They make her day, and I appreciate them for doing that for her.They care about the product for real! The other people who are saying that orders are messed up but have not tried to just to just call and figure it out together because these guys want it to be perfect.

Patrick B.

My recent meal gets a 3.5, but their pizza is another good slice in Parkville. I have complaints about this place, including a really lousy website, strip mall parking, old booths with matching gaff tape to cover the holes and a worker lounge area in the back which makes me feel uncomfortable when I walk in because they stare as you walk up to order, but let me tell you it has it pluses as well. The foods I have tried have not disappointed me. I enjoyed the cheese steak, the onion rings were so-so, but the pizza by the slice or as a whole has a good New York City like crust. It folds well, does not spilled buckets of grease and the crust stays fresh and crunchy to the end. When I ordered the cheese was not overwhelming, it simply drizzled past the side of the slice ends. Check for yourself, 3.5 or better is what you should get. Just be aware you are not paying for a cheapy pizza-pizza you are asking for a piece of pizza, so expect the difference in the cost too.

Matthew Jewell

My family and I have been debating on trying this place since it had a lot of dishes that arent abundant in the area. My biggest worry was the size of the menu, its sooooo big. It made me concerned on how the food could be fresh with so many different items. We dicided to give it a shot. We ordered a crab cake sandwich, chicken tenders, fries, curly fries, chicken biryani, veggie panjabi samosa and garlic naan.* The best thing was the curly fries, they were crispy and yummy. My daughter gave the tenders and fries 4 stars.* The crab cake was ok. I saw jumbo lump which made me happy but there was too much filler. For $20 i expected a solid crwb cake.* The biggest complaint is with the chicken biryani, the chicken was good but the rice seemed like it was leftovers. Like it was cooked then microwaved. I dont want to say things that may or may not be true but our order was ready in less than 15 minutes, at 7pm on a friday, which lends me to believe a lot was premade and reheated.*The panjabi veggie samosa was jot good imo but some indian food has strong flavors and that does not reflect the restaurant, it may have been my pallet. I know the review is long but i wanted to be thorough . all in all it was ok but again for the price i was left wanting better

Latoya Sheppard

I'm not sure what happened but every time I order delivery now, my food is incorrect. Either something is missing or the food is wrong. I have given them several chances but after them forgetting something again, I'm done.

Carla Wilson

Great food. One of my favorites ❤

Ann Bracken

They treat you like family and the food is top notch! Their Naan bread is awesome!

Eric T.

The menu is confusing as by the name it looks like an Indian place but 80% of the menu is American food or even Greek. My first time here I got the gyro which was alright but nothing special. The 2nd time I got an Indian dish which I thought would be their specialty, but it was also very uneventful, really bland, sauce had a really weird aftertaste which I guessed was from using some sort of canned sauce. Overall not bad but I'm not sure why their menu is 500 items if they don't excel at them. Especially in an area where there are plenty of better hole in the wall spots to get a burger, sub, or sandwich.

JoAnna Dibble

Food varieties are absolutely stunning.Food was fresh and delicious. Service was great as well.They also have take out.

Frederick Banks

Food is great (Greek salad w/blacked salmon) #1

Ashley Tingler Salango

Good stuff. The Paneer Tikka Masala is amazing & their breakfast is always good, too.

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