11025 Mall Cir, Waldorf
(301) 638-2582

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Crystal Stubbs

At this point, I don’t see how this restaurant has anything more than a 1 star. It frustrates me even more because I used to work at McDonalds for quite some time and fast foos is not the same anymore. It appears that they do not care about their times what so ever. It hasn’t been a time where I have been to this restaurant where I had to wait over 30 minutes. It is ridiculous. Their customer service is trash and how they present themselves is unprofessional!


Pretty good customer service. Sometimes some messed up orders but nothing crazy , overall good

Dawn Steis

45 minute wait in the drive through. Girl taking orders was busy on her phone messed up my order, only to have staff inside argue with me over fries... ridiculous... this is why McDs causes high blood pressure. Awful service.


One of the worst McDonald’s I have ever been too. The wait in the drive through its always minimum 30 minutes. Costumer service is horrible. The staff stands around doing nothing with a lobby full of people. The staff simply does not care. This is reoccurring. Everyone i know in the area says this is the worst McDonald’s in the area.

Dane Powell

This location is notorious for it's terrible service, long wait times, and overall lack of training. I honestly don't know how this location is still operating...

Uriel Bonchello

Horrible service!!, employees has nasty attitude, young employees refused to work and take so much time to serve drinks and food for themselves, young employees seems to NOT CARE about the service. If someone read this, please do not come to this restaurant.

LaShaune GoGetta Gillis

They still have the steak bagel and it was delicious. The hash browns were crispy. All my good was hot. The sprite was even good.

Dennis Jean Nanerico Santos

This is what i received what large fries looks like. Should get a refund

John D.

Lazy employees trash customers service ice cream machine always broken horrible lines this place absolutely sucks serves EXPIRED FOOD!

Ursula Pocknett

I haven't been to a McDonald's in about 3 weeks. So I stopped at this so familiar McDonald's.. Holiday shopping in the past for some at least 20 yrs. that I can recall.. I have always gotten my special orders perfect from this particular McDonald's. Everything was perfect !!

brian d faulk

Customer service was great. Was treated very well by the employees. I will come back. Food was made fresh. I am not a fan of McDonald's however I do recommend this one.


Maybe the worse drive thru I’ve ever seen. Don’t go here unless you plan to spend an hour in line . And the workers could care less !!! Horrible customer service

Sharon D.

My 16 year old daughter had a virtual interview scheduled today at noon for the McDonalds across from St. Charles Town Center. She even received a reminder from McDonald's at 11:30 am to remind her of the interview. We thought that was a nice gesture. NOT!! Well at 11:50, my daughter was logged in with the link MCDONALDS sent to be connected to the interview. My daughter was getting nervous because at 12:05, nobody appeared. I said just give them some time. At 12;15, parents were starting to get nervous because again NO ONE appeared. She tried emailing them from previous emails she received prior to the interview, but it became well apparent she was having a conversation with a robot and not an actual person by the generic responses. Now it is 12:25, and a message pops up on the screen saying Thanks, we enjoyed our time with you. REALLY?????? This would have been my daughters first interview and thank you MCDONALDS for ruining the experience. I said use this as a teachable moment that everyone DONT deserve your time or your talents. As much as I enjoy the fries, I will not visit another McDonalds AGAIN. You have over 99 billion sold? NOW it is 98!!!! Good Riddance!!

Mike Burch

Going to stop patronizing this location. I go to the drive-in and the orders are wrong 99% of the time. There’s one particular guy that works the drive in that is always too busy on his cell phone to pay the customers orders any attention. I ordered two large iced teas, got to the next window and then next gentleman argued with me about my order. Somebody needs to teach these teenagers a little respect and how to deal with customers. Maybe the manager should pay attention to what the Hells going on in the restaurant

Donna Stone

Cashier takes drive-through order correctly and usually not correct, or given wrong food Mall Circle. Does this look like a bacon egg and cheese bagel to you?

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