Bubba's Sulky Lounge

92 Portland St, Portland
(207) 828-0549

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Briana Papa

I read somewhere this place is rated the 15th best dive bar in America and I can see why! If you're looking to have a fun night dancing with friends, this is the place! We went on 80s night (Fridays) and it was SO much fun. They have 3 separate dance floors that light up and tvs that play the old music videos. The best place to dance in Portland IMO. I only hope not too many more people find out about it because it's just the right amount of crowded ??

Paul Darling

Once a Dive Bar,always a dive bar. Looking for someone easy, my ex goes there.

Nina R

Such a good vibe. Friday is 80s music. Everyone up and dancing! Arrive around 10 to catch the energy

sean nutter

The hours they have on Google are not correct. I went there Monday and they were closed. they are only open Friday and Saturday. it doesn't take a lot of time to update there info on Google or there website. waste of time. I'll update review if/when I go back.

Nicole D

If I could give it no stars I would. Went to to visit my family that just moved to maine so we all went out to check out some bars at night. As soon as we walk in security let us know to order 2 drinks as the line was so long and no shots after midnight. I got up to the bar to order a shot for me and my friend at 11:40pm, very rudely bar tender said nope no more shots (even though we were just told midnight) but ok fine. We then order drinks and she said no you have been drinking all night I can’t serve you. Even though I had just arrived. This was the older bar tender with short grey hair. Very rude so left without giving my business as that is the worst experience I have ever had going to a new state to try to have a nice night out. I travel a lot and this is by far the worst service/ bartender I have ever encountered.

Ayla Walker

We had a blast. The drinks are reasonable. The music is a little dated but very danceable. Security is so helpful and respectful. My only complaint is bartenders kind of have attitude, and it’s impossible to get their attention. They seemed a little understaffed though. Such a fun atmosphere. I would go here again.

Daniel B

A Portland Maine staple, this bar/club place is incredible!! Whether it's 80s night on Fridays or 90s hip-hop night on Saturdays, the music is always great. The atmosphere is eclectic and fun. Great staff and always a good time.

David Christensen

This place is crazy good, with extra focus on the crazy. You will have a great time at a great nightclub, yes in Portland Maine...

Chad Doody

Love this place! Best people. I only go on Fridays 80s night

Mandy Case

This place is amazing but the only thing it’s missing is a server for the dance floors

Laura B

I went for 80s night on a Friday. I think my outfit was a little overboard and I expected something a bit more out there. There were a lot of young people there but also some older folks too so a nice mix. Disco light dance floors. Nice bartenders. Pretty good music. It was a little too crowded but it was fun.

Susan Michaels

Lively dancing, mostly young crowd but us older folk still had fun dancing and just people watching.

James K.

I'm updating my review because they are open! I had the best time ever at Bubba's Sulky Lounge. I had to look up the definition of Sulky. Sulky is defined morose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful. I disagree with the word "Sulky" for Bubba's. The door staff was happy to be reopened. There are three 1980s light up dance floors. The bar is filled with the ultimate mix of young and old. It's probably a fire hazard. It's probably a health code hazard. The beer is cheap. It was a good time. If I were younger, I'd be here once a week. The 80 something year old owner was walking around in a white suit! I'm keeping my old review because it made me laugh. They were closed on June 5! I'm giving it five stars purely for the joy of watching Ubers pull up and drop off passengers at a close down bar. I was told that this is quite a great restaurant and can't wait to come when it opens but again as of June 5 the place is closed

Rob B.

Where to start... cash only. cheap beer options. jello shots. dance floors. multiple in fact; 3. Freaks of all kinda. Young ones, old ones, brown ones, white ones, big ones, thin ones, loud ones, bold ones. The weekly 80's night as 1 of 2 weekend nights is kind of compromising and limits its potential. Seen a woman digitally pleasured on the dance floor, seem swingers bumbin uglies, seen a cross dresser and a polo chad swappin spit. If you want weird, visit here. Its never a dull moment and always a fun time. Oh but make sure you pick out your exit door- place is a wicked fire hazard.

Steve Sullivan

Not sure if they're open, but when they are it's one of the best dance places in Portland, Maine.

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